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10 must-see elements and taboos before doing semi-permanent lip makeup User Notice

by:Qinmei     2022-12-14

Semi-permanent makeup lips can make girls have a sexy and charming lips. The technology of semi-permanent development is very mature, and many people want to make semi-permanent makeup lips. Although the effect of semi-permanent lip makeup is very significant, it is necessary to know the elements and taboos before doing it. Here is the semi-permanent training school of Xinyu Color to explain it to everyone.

1 Lip lines cannot make lips fuller

The semi-permanent tattooed lip makeup is to strengthen the lip shape, not to make the lips look fuller, nor to make the lips look puffy. Also, it will not fill any substances, just to outline the lip shape.

2 Only the outer circle of the lips is colored

Tattooed lips are not dyed lips, only the color that has been tattooed along the periphery of the lip, and the inside of the lip is still its original color. Therefore, when applying lipstick, use a lip color that is more harmonious with the lip line. Otherwise, the color will look strange if the color is too dark.

3 lines of lips try to choose according to the natural skin color

If your lip color is similar to the lip color itself, it may not last long. You can refer to the color of the lipstick to get a tattoo. When tattooing your lips, you must choose according to your natural skin tone.

4 Why are tattooed lips more natural now than before?

The pigment used in most places is regular tattoo ink. So it will look unnatural. But now I use a kind of tattoo 'ink', which has a relatively low consistency and looks natural.

5. You need to pay extra for anesthesia tattooed lips

People often ask if semi-permanent lip makeup hurts? Lip tattoos can be painful, and lips are particularly sensitive, so if you're considering it, you'll likely need extra money for anesthesia to keep you pain-free. Because there are abundant blood vessels near the lips and anesthesia is chosen, lip tattoo surgery can be done much faster.

6 The healing process takes about ten days

Experts generally recommend that lip tattooing be scheduled on a Thursday, so that the lips after surgery will be swollen and dry over the weekend. By Monday, the color of the tattooed lips has lightened, and then as the skin heals, it will return to its natural lip color. You'll usually see a full, true-to-natural lip color in about two weeks or so.

7 Do not get sick and catch a cold

If you are prone to colds, make sure you are taking medication to prevent colds. The needles in the lip tattoo will irritate you and make you cold, which will make the whole healing process more difficult.

8 Not every lip color can be tattooed

Some people have very dark skin, so lip tattoos are not recommended. Because it will cost more to tattoo the lips, and the skin will produce melanin, which will make the lips dark, which will be ugly.

The duration of 9 lip lines is long but the cost is high

If you want to keep the lip tattoo for a long time, it will cost a lot. For example, a lip tattoo worth a few thousand dollars can last for about 6-9 months. And if you go to review or repair every year, you may have to pay additional fees.

10 Lasers can be used to remove tattooed lips that you don't like

If you don't like the lip tattoo, you can use laser to remove it. However, the laser is limited to the lips, and this method is not recommended for other parts of the body. Because of this, you will spend more money and suffer more pain.

The above are the elements and taboos of semi-permanent lip tattoos introduced by the semi-permanent training. I hope the editor’s summary will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about semi-permanent knowledge, you are welcome to pay attention to the updates of this site.

Questions and answers about semi-permanent lips
Q: What are the benefits of semi-permanent lip makeup?
Answer: Everyone's lips are different in shape. Women are good at expressing emotions with their lips, and men can also read this language. In tight, slightly open, tender, and color changes, tattoos are used to express this feeling. Sexy aesthetics, to achieve the purpose of correction and beautification.
Q: How much is it for semi-permanent lips?
Answer: The price of tattooed lips is affected by many factors: 1. It is related to the region. The economic development of different regions is different, so there must be some differences in the price of lip tattoos in different regions. 2. It is related to the doctor. 3. It is related to the pigment used.
Q: How long does it take for semi-permanent lips to recover naturally?
Answer: After the semi-permanent lip bleaching operation, the scabs and scabs are usually completed within a week, and the wound returns to nature. However, the general lip color recovery period is relatively long, and it takes 2-3 months to restore the natural lip color.
Q: Are semi-permanent lip makeup harmful?
Answer: Semi-permanent lip makeup is actually not harmful. Those red, swollen and blistered lips are mostly caused by improper operation and incorrect use of pigments, so it is recommended to go to a professional semi-permanent training school to learn.
Q: How much does it cost to make semi-permanent lips?
Answer: Depending on the region and the level of the tattoo artist, the price will be relatively different. The skin quality of the customer and the difficulty of the operation of the part are all set according to the actual situation, so there is no accurate pricing.

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