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Tattoo Practice Skin & Tools

Tattoo Practice Skin is a most important training field for green hand in the training school,beauty salon and personal fans etc.,the freshman always use it to practice makes perfect.If someone devotes to be a master of tattoo artist, a pair of stable hands is the key point. at firstly,he need draw line on the paper to get the basic skill and stability,once hands are stable enough to well done on the paper,it's the QIMEI PRACTICE SKIN'S SHOW TIME,prsctice skin is necessary to use,the top quality SILICONE PATCH PRACTIC SKIN Leather was health and harmless,you can get the same feeling as human body skin.and those three parts as Eyebrows,Eyeliner and Lip can be together in one whole face or separatly.THE MASK STYLE should help the learner use the same position during the traning and the work,the mask has two practice sides,one side with needle sign that easy to learner follows,backside is blank to let learner test the skill.

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