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False Eyelash

False eyelashes are made of special chemical fiber as raw materials and processed through a series of processes. They are mainly used for eye makeup, eye beautification and eye modification. It is currently a very popular repetitive consumption (beauty) product in the world. It was first popular in South Korea and then became popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Eurasian markets.it is gettting more and more popular in the world now.False eyelashes are deeply loved by many women and young fashionable men. With a large consumer group and convenient and comfortable beauty-making features, the number of practitioners extending from false eyelashes in China is also very large, including eyelash technicians and eyelashes. Grafting technical training schools, false eyelash production enterprises, overseas sales of false eyelashes, professional service chain stores for false eyelash grafting, etc. False eyelashes can be said to be the emerging industry system with the largest audience and practitioners in the service industry in China.According to incomplete statistics, the global production output value in 2014 was 4.5 billion yuan; in 2014 China's production output value reached 2.25 billion yuan; in 2015 China's production output value reached 3.87 billion yuan; in 2016 the domestic annual output reached 5.73 billion yuan, and China's export volume reached About 2.8 billion, while the domestic consumer industry is as high as 50 billion. The total number of physical stores has reached more than 400,000, the total number of employees is up to 10 million, and the annual consumer is 1 billion. The next three years will increase at a rate of 30%. False eyelash beauty has penetrated into the daily lives of many beauty-loving people, forming a huge industrial chain.QINMEI FALSE EYELASH is a high quanlity one of them.

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