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Permanent Makeup Pigments

Permanent makeup pigments are colored liquids that the skin retains for a period of time, and the body eventually breaks down and absorbs. This is the main difference between semi permanent makeup pigments and tattoo ink; ink cannot be broken down, so it remains in the skin forever, although its color might change. Semi permanent makeup pigments are made up of smaller pigment particles that are suspended in a diluter – this allows for a more natural, softer color in the skin that can be layered to create a much more realistic finish. Traditional tattoo inks are much more concentrated which means that they are much stronger in colour. Semi permanent makeup pigments are long-lasting and can remain in the skin for 1 to 5 years depending on the colour, placement, and skin type. Qinmei microblading pigment manufacturers provide various kinds of tattoo pigment and permanent makeup pigments, welcome to contact us!

The United States has become the birthplace of new tattoo drawings (also known as traditional American drawings). Especially after the spread of tattoo drawings in the United States, themes representing nautical life, military content, patriotic thoughts, romantic sentiment, and religious enthusiasm have become standardized all over the world. Permanent makeup pigments are imported from Korea and sold all over the world, it's high quality, and the products from Qinmei permanent makeup pigments wholesale supplier organic dye ingredients in 18 different gorgeous colorways to choose from. The best one for you!

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