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100 questions about novice eyebrow tattoo artist

by:Qinmei     2022-05-02

The reason why tattoo embroidery eyebrow lines are blurred: This is caused by excessive force and piercing the dermis layer. The dermis contains tissue fluids such as blood and lymph fluid, which will drive the flow of pigments, and the embroidered lines will spread and blur. Just like putting a drop or two of water on a paper towel, it makes sense that the paper towel will be diffused and moistened slowly. The normal operation should be to embroider the pigment to the epidermis to form a silky, embossed feeling. How to design high and low eyebrows for tattoo embroidery? The ideal eyebrows should be the right thickness, the eyebrow line is even and relatively symmetrical. But in real life, we often encounter customers with asymmetrical eyebrows on both sides and high and low eyebrows. So when we encounter customers with high and low eyebrows, how should we design the eyebrows? Let's take a look at the skills of high and low eyebrow design together! In the face of high and low eyebrows, we should flatten the brows on the side of the high eyebrows and the center of the eyebrows. The eyebrows on this side are much smoother, and on the other side, the brows are slanted a little more, and the eyebrows are slanted a little more, then the eyebrows on this side are raised a lot. In short, the eyebrow peak is certain. When the eyebrow tattoo artist is helping the customer to embroider the eyebrows, it must be determined according to the actual situation of the customer, and he should always communicate with the customer.

What should I do if my eyebrows are blue and red? Embroidery is a semi-permanent cosmetic surgery technique, and its appearance has changed people's facial features. The eyebrow tattooing is a kind of tattooing technology operated by an eyebrow tattooing machine, which is the first generation of eyebrow tattooing technology. However, the eyebrows made by the eyebrow tattoo technique are extremely prone to bluing. Eyebrow embroidery is an embroidery technique operated by an eyebrow pencil, which belongs to the second generation of eyebrow tattooing techniques. Although eyebrow embroidery is better than tattoo embroidery, it can easily turn red. What should we do in the face of blue and red eyebrows? The tattooed eyebrows are blue and the eyebrows are red. Is there no tattooing technique that can improve these two techniques? The answer is of course not! In the face of bluish eyebrows, we can use orange coffee to change the color. The more times the eyebrows are turned, the more reddish the color of the eyebrows will be, so it should be decided according to your actual needs, but if you do the project of changing eyebrows, you must To change the unwanted part to reddish, it can be successfully masked. Of course, I can directly choose to flutter! Eyebrow is a kind of tattooing technique operated by eyebrow pencil. Its main features are that the eyebrow shape is natural, lifelike, easy to operate and adjust. It is a revolutionary tattooing technique. It can change the eyebrows that are bluish with tattooed eyebrows, and can also change the phenomenon of eyebrows that are embroidered with reddish eyebrows. It is an ideal eyebrow tattooing technique. You still don't know the eyebrow raising technique? Is your eyebrow raising technique still in its infancy? Come and join the 'Tattoo Embroidery Practical Practice Class' organized by the famous tattoo teacher website!

What should I do if the color becomes lighter after lip bleaching?

After lip bleaching, part of the color became lighter due to lack of color matching. It has only been ten days since the lip bleaching. What should I do? Li Ruiying, an embroidery master, replied: When this happens, the tattooists should not worry. You can't change anything immediately after ten days. After three months, it may be integrated by itself. Of course, it may still be spent, and then help her make up. The occurrence of this phenomenon depends on the specific situation.

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