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100 Questions for Newbies with Lip Tattoos

by:Qinmei     2022-04-30

Causes and treatment of hyperplasia of tattooed lip scars

Hyperplasia of tattooed lip scars is manifested as: a large area of u200bu200bdark protruding on the lip surface after lip moistening for a week of scars. The reason is: the client itself is caused by the scar constitution or when the acupuncture is too deep and too dense when moisturizing the lips, and the synthesis of collagen is stimulated later. The method is: first use a clean needle sheet to roughen the surface of the scar, then apply a triamcinolone injection diluted 20 to 50 times with normal saline, or cover the lips with a medical cotton sheet that absorbs enough of the mixed solution. Cover with film for about 5 minutes! Once a day until the scar is healed! TIPS: The amount of triamcinolone must be controlled to avoid the consequences of skin atrophy! Because it is a hormonal drug, the dosage must be controlled! How to deal with black lips after tattooing and bleaching? What should the tattoo artist do if the black lips appear after tattooing and bleaching the lips? First of all, you should change the color first. If you use PCD colorants, you can use 6 drops of water tender apricot red, 5 drops of orange glamorous red, and 1 drop of moisturizing white to change the lip color. It is a moisturizing red that can be used by people of all ages. If you want to make a better effect, then use 5 drops of orange glamorous red, 1 drop of moisturizing white, and 6 drops of Barbie pink to match, so the effect is quite ideal. The reason why the lips are too swollen after tattooing the lips The density of tattooing lips needs 50,000-70,000 needles. If the machine is not dipped in the pigment, it will cause: 1. Too many ineffective tattoos; 2. The lips are too thick and too thick Large, too many folds; 3. The lip lines are too strong, the depth is too deep, the age is old, the lip lines are deep, and some are swollen after applying the anesthetic. How to deal with peeling pain after lip bleaching tattoo? Painless anesthesia for tattooed eyeliner: Applying anesthesia: The tattooed eyeliner must be anesthetized. It is wrong for some beauty salons to mislead customers that the anesthetic is not easy to color. Because the customer does not have anesthesia when there is a lot of tears and swelling, it is not easy to color, that is The color is also easy to spread. We have not had a single failure in the past ten years, that is, the anesthesia is good, and the customer is easy to cooperate. Because the eyeliner area is special, you cannot use anesthetics on the eyebrows or lips. 48 hours to relieve), so be careful in choosing eye anesthetics. Do not put the anesthetic into the eyes during anesthesia. If it gets into the eyes, quickly rinse the eyes with chloramphenicol or Runshu eye drops.

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