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3 eyebrow tattoo specifications to effectively avoid false coloring needles and pigments play a big role

by:Qinmei     2022-11-28

I believe that many tattoo artists often find that the color of eyebrows is very beautiful when they have just tattooed. After a month, the customer comes to you to settle the account and finds that the color of the eyebrows is not good enough. In fact, this is - false coloring!

What is false coloring?

In fact, false coloring refers to some coloring materials floating on the surface due to problems such as operation techniques, coloring materials, and customer skin quality during tattooing operations. Scabs and scabs during later repairs will take away the pigment floating on the epidermis, which will eventually lead to poor color retention!

How can the tattoo artist skillfully avoid false coloring?

1. Standardize the operation process - cleaning&care

first clean

It mainly solves the problem of strong skin oil secretion.

Grease hinders the color milk from entering the color layer, causing the color to float on the skin surface; secondly, it will dilute the color, resulting in unsatisfactory coloring.

The tattoo artist must remove the surface makeup of the customer before operating the customer. Makeup removal includes cleansing of skin care products to prevent chemicals from causing deterioration and discoloration of pigments.

after care

Mainly deal with tissue fluid and heavy scab.

Due to skin damage, a large amount of tissue fluid will appear within 3 hours after the actual operation. If it is not treated in time, it will lead to thinning of the pigment and heavy scabbing.

During the operation, the interstitial fluid should be cleaned up in time. Within 2 hours of actual operation, the exuded interstitial fluid should be dipped every 30 minutes

2. Standardized practical techniques - needle insertion&Needlework

Needle insertion is too deep or too shallow, too many needles are moved, needle insertion angles are not equal,

will cause false coloring!

Needle Insertion Technique - Needle Insertion Angle and Skin Stretching

Needle insertion angle: The teachers have been repeatedly emphasizing that the vertical needle insertion can make the coloring material stay in the coloring layer better.

Tighten the skin: Use two fingers to gently stretch the skin folds before inserting the needle for coloring, so as to ensure even needle insertion and stable color retention.

Reasonable Needle Insertion

Inserting the needle too deep has always been a big taboo. In mild cases, the scab will be too thick, and the pigment will be taken away and cause false coloring. In severe cases, bleeding at the operation site will not only damage the skin, but also cause bluish discoloration.

If the needle is too shallow, the color will float on the surface or the color will not be stable, and there will be a lot of decolorization in the later stage.


Line eyebrows: Line eyebrows are tattooed between the epidermis and dermis, and the needle should be inserted between 0.2 and 0.3 mm.

Fog eyebrow: The depth of the needle's accurate penetration into the epidermis is about 0.03mm, and the depth of the needle penetration is between 0.02mm-0.05mm. If the needle is not inserted enough, the epidermis will not be opened and will not be colored. Achieve light scab, avoid scab too thick to take away too much color material.

Number of stitches

During the tattooing operation, if the number of stitches is too many, the damaged area of ​​the skin will be larger, and the scabs will be large and thick. In this case, when the large scabs fall off, the scabs will also bring out the implanted color patches, resulting in false coloring.


Eyebrow line: Needle 1-2 times for a single line, the first pass is out of shape, and the second pass deepens and retains color.

Foggy eyebrows: 2-3 times for the heavy color area, 1-2 times for the sub-heavy and light color areas, and 1 time for the lightest color area, which is the brow.

3. Standardized use of colorants

The thickness of the pigment will also affect the color of the eyebrows. If it is too thick or too thin, the pigment will not be easily implanted into the epidermis, and the color will fade seriously in the later stage.


Adjust the thickness and thinness of the pigment, not too thick or too thin, and choose milky color cream when operating the mist eyebrow.

Tattoo artists should choose mainly imported plant pigments, look for the brand and word of mouth, and never buy Sanwu pigments.

When the tattoo artist encounters the problem of false coloring, don't panic. Find the reason from the source, solve the corresponding problems one by one, and practice more to become proficient in various embroidery techniques. It is not a problem to achieve high-standard coloring. ~

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