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3 tips for changing the failed eyebrows with the line eyebrow machine, for different degrees of red and blue eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-10-21

In the past, traditional eyebrow tattoos caused the eyebrows to become red or blue now. Let's learn how to change red and blue eyebrows with Amus today!

1. Change the pressure eye flat eyebrow

When the eyebrows are low, flat and eye-pressured, the key point of design is to raise the eyebrows. The eyebrows in the middle and back of the eyebrows have less volume, and the original background color is flat and thick, so the eyes are very cramped.

Set three points, pick the line connecting the lower eyebrow, between the eyebrows and the end of the eyebrow to make an inner arc. The point of the lower eyebrow and the end of the eyebrow remains unchanged, and the point of the center of the eyebrow is moved up, which can increase the distance between the eyebrows and the eyes, and raise the eyebrows as a whole. Appears slender. By widening the distance from the upper eyelid to the bottom of the eyebrows, catering to the direction of the brow bone, the eyebrows look very atmospheric, which quickly enhances the delicate sense of the facial features.

2. Change to medium red bottom flat eyebrows

This eyebrow has a heavy red background, and the eyebrow shape is straight and short. The customer feels that this eyebrow shape is no longer in line with the current fashion trend, and asked to change it to a slightly raised and elongated trendy eyebrow shape.

According to the proportion of the customer's three courts and five eyes, she moved the peak of her eyebrows to the outer corners of her eyes, lengthened the ends of her brows, raised the center of her brows, and trimmed off the excess red background, so that the newly designed brow shape was more in line with her orbital structure. At the same time, the elongated end of the eye echoes with the eyebrows, which is very temperament.

3. Change the thick and flat eyebrows with red and blue background

​​“Many years ago, Korean-style flat eyebrows were popular in pursuit of fashion and age reduction, but later I found that tall eyebrows are more suitable for me to be more energetic and can obviously improve my temperament. After the teacher designed it, I liked it very much.”

The upper court of this guest is too wide, and the temples are not full. When designing, the eyebrow peaks need to be moved back, and the eyebrow peaks and eyebrow tails should be handled in an inverse arc. You can instantly adjust the ratio of the three courts. It makes the temples look full and three-dimensional, more fashionable, and also modifies the face shape.

If you want to remove the background color if you want to change the failed eyebrows, red and blue eyebrows, you can try the A7 embroidery equipment of Ames, and quickly master the skills of machine line eyebrows.

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