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7 questions about tattooing, let's discuss together

by:Qinmei     2022-04-26

Tattooing is an art as well as a technique. The road to tattooing is not smooth sailing, and many problems also arise. Today we will discuss the seven tattooing techniques. Q. Eyebrow design is the most difficult and most critical. Is there a quick and easy way to learn?

A. The root cause of this problem is not that you don’t know how to design eyebrows, but that you should match different face shapes. What kind of eyebrow shape is not very familiar concept. So with a face in front of you, you can't design a good eyebrow shape to match your face shape. It is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with the matching of face shape and eyebrow shape, and then practice the common eyebrow shapes 100+ times. Q. The color of the eyebrows is very light, is the color too light when doing it?

A, A is very light after the operation, and B is very light after the scab is removed. After the operation is completed, it is very light. First, you operate too lightly, or you have not walked many times. It is recommended that novice tattoo artists should do this when they operate in the early stage. After the scab falls off, the color is very pale, or even no color. It shows that there is a problem with your operation method, at least you have colored it, but it is very light. The main problem should be that you don't push the needle evenly enough, or you go too many times. The wound on the eyebrows is large, and the coloring after the scab falls off is not good. This is also related to the depth of needle insertion during operation. It is enough to feel the depth of penetration into the skin, and there is resistance to the needle movement, but no bleeding. If there is bleeding, the operation is too deep.

Q. The color of the contact lens line is not good after the scab is removed. How to operate the scab and leave the color well?

A. I also mentioned a little about the color retention issue above. The beauty contact line is the most easily colored part of the eyebrows, eyes and lips. The problem you raised should be that the operation is too deep, or the number of needle movements is too many, which leads to a thick scab. The scab is that the base of the scab falls off together with the pigment. Therefore, the beauty contact line is generally 2--3 times in the correct way of walking the needle. Don't worry about not coloring and go one or two more times on purpose, it is often just because you go one or two more times that you will not be colored. Q, Excuse me, can different brands of pigments be mixed?

A, it is best not to mix them together. Because the names of the colorants of each brand are different. Although the colors look similar, there are differences. Different brands of pigments are mixed together, which is prone to incorrect color results. The molecular structure and density of the pigments of each brand are also different, and it is not easy to blend together when mixed together, which will lead to different colors or spots on the eyebrows. Q. What should I do if the lips are not colored? Which needle is the best to use?

A. The lips are not colored, most of which are not directly related to the needle (unless the needle is broken). When operating the lip, it should be noted that the needle is inserted vertically (the needle drop point is perpendicular to the lip surface), and the speed of the needle movement should be kept at a constant speed according to one's own habits. Doing these two things can basically color. The lip surface is a part with a relatively large radian, and the angle of needle insertion must be adjusted according to the radian of the lip surface during operation. When you think it is vertical, remember to pay more attention to whether it is really vertical. Also, choose a needle that you are familiar with, and you are usually used to using a round 5, so don't use a single needle. If you are used to using a pin header, you don't need a round pin.

Q, how to operate the fog eyebrows to be natural and realistic

A, the fog eyebrows are very important, if the eyebrows are handled well, the whole fog eyebrows will not be ugly . Mist eyebrows must be light, not thick. The effect of following this formula is shown: 'No--Virtual--Light--Real'. The upper eyebrow frame of the brow is a little light, the middle position is a virtual effect (or no needle), and the lower frame is slightly thicker. Refuse to make brows very regular (square or round). Q. The eyeliner is always dizzy and easy to change color.

A. If the eyeliner is discolored, it can only turn blue. The reason for the blue color is that the operation is too deep, and the colorant chemically reacts with the egg white mold in the blood and turns blue. The smudged color is also caused by too deep operation or too many needle movements, resulting in a large wound area and even serious damage to part of the capillaries. Therefore, the pigment spreads with the blood of the capillaries and smudges the color to the area around the eyeliner. I believe that after reading the above 7 common tattoo techniques, you will have a further understanding and understanding of tattoo techniques!

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