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A senior tattoo artist tells you the real reason for the blue color contact line

by:Qinmei     2022-11-19

Many tattoo artists love and hate the color contact line. The effect of the color contact line is black and bright, which makes the eyes look particularly energetic. However, with the passage of time, the color contact line of the customer began to turn blue, and they came to the door again, leaving many tattoo artists at a loss. In fact, there is a reason why the color contact line will turn blue, so take a quick look to avoid the same situation from happening again!

Reasons for the blue color contact line The operation is too deep, reaching below the reticular layer

Due to the loose tissue and excessive interstitial fluid, it is not conducive to the adsorption of pigments, or the subdermal blood vessels are punctured, and the pigments diffuse with the blood.

The eyelid skin tissue is loose, and the pigment is easy to spread. Especially in the inner orbit of the eyelid, the tissue is particularly loose, so there are more chances of halo, while the middle and outer tissues of the eyelid are relatively dense, so the chance of inner halo is less.

Improper operation, excessive force, large tissue damage

The colorant is saturated, too much colorant enters the interstitial spaces or cells, some of the colorant cannot be absorbed by the tissue, and diffuses with the flow of interstitial fluid.

If the customer does not operate properly and uses excessive force, the tissue will be damaged, and bleeding will occur easily, and the pigment will easily enter the surrounding tissue with the bleeding.

The embroidery needle is too thick, or the technique is not correct

Embroidery needles that are too thick or are stitched by hand will cause uneven strength and different shades, resulting in large tissue damage and easy diffusion of coloring materials.

Individual Differences

The tattoo needle is too thick, or the technique is not correct. Some people's eyelid skin is particularly loose, with a lot of water content, which has poor adsorption to pigments. For example, people with oily skin are more difficult to color than people with dry skin, and the pigment is easy to spread.

Tips to avoid halo and bluish color contact lenses Avoid capillaries

Some customers have thin, sensitive skin, are prone to edema, and have many capillaries on their eyelids.

When encountering this kind of customers, you need to use special techniques to operate, the hand strength should not be too heavy, avoid capillaries, and be as conservative as possible to avoid bluish discoloration.

dot needle operation

The traditional eye operation method may touch the blood vessels during the operation, and the pigment will enter the blood vessels, resulting in dizziness.

Using point-and-point stitches can eliminate the problem of color blur. During the operation, avoid the blood vessels and adjust the needle insertion. This method can avoid color halo.

Precautions for operating color contact lenses

1. Control of the needle insertion depth: the needle exit is controlled at 0.25mm, and the needle entry is controlled at 0.05mm.

2. The needle movement should be light, and the needle must not be forced down.

The above is the reason why the eyeliner turns blue due to improper operation. I hope that tattoo artists will pay attention to every detail of operation in the future, and do a good job in technique, so as to attract more customers and earn a good reputation!

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