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Advantages of half tattoo

by:Qinmei     2022-08-24

What is a half, maybe many people don't know much about it. Today, Mr. Ding will popularize the knowledge of half tattoo for everyone.

First of all, we must understand what tattooing is. Tattooing is actually a minimally invasive skin coloring. It is said that the pigment is implanted into the skin tissue to form a stable color block. Since our skin is actually translucent, the implanted pigment passes through The epidermis presents a lustrous luster, which can cover flaws, enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses, and beautify and beautify.

Half-pattern embroidery is a new technology and new technique in tattoo embroidery in the past two years. The actual principle is similar to traditional tattoo embroidery, but the technology is more advanced, and it will naturally have advantages that are different from traditional pmu tattoo embroidery.

The number and depth of tattoos

Half-pattern embroidery generally requires one operation and more than one complementary color. On the one hand, because plant pigments are not easy to color, on the other hand, because half-pattern embroidery penetrates between the epidermis and layers, the coloring in one operation is not stable enough, so it is necessary to Complement the color again to show the expected effect.

Compared with the one-time forming of traditional tattoo, the operation of half tattoo may seem a bit complicated at first glance, but from the perspective, the plant extract color material is more than the industrial synthetic color material of traditional tattoo embroidery; why is the depth of penetration so important In fact, it is also summed up by the tattooists of the past dynasties, to reduce the skin damage during the operation, and at the same time, the body's own metabolism can also complete the metabolism of the pigment within two to three years, and there will be no residue, and more.

Durability of pigments

There is a big difference between the depth of the semi-operation and the traditional embroidery. The semi-pigment does not penetrate into the skin layer, so with the passage of time and the body's own metabolism, it will disappear completely after the operation is completed.

So what advantage is this compared to the 'once and for all' of traditional tattoos?

Everyone should be clear that even the commonly used half-color materials will be oxidized and degenerated after a long time, and the stability of the color materials will be deteriorated, which will cause adverse consequences such as color change, color block dizziness, etc. The three-year maintenance period will complete the metabolism before the colorant is denatured, so there is no need to worry about these problems.

At the same time, if it is 'once and for all', even if the color material will not be denatured, the color block will not be deformed, and the baby's image and temperament will undergo subtle changes as they grow older. Just imagine, it was suitable for you ten or twenty years ago. Are the eyebrows still suitable? The half-maintenance time is only two or three years. After metabolism, you can decide what kind of eyebrows you need and whether you need to do eyebrows again.

Degree of trauma to the skin

The needles used in half tattoo embroidery are very small, and even if they are pierced into the layer, they can still be metabolized. Although there are skin lesions, they will not really hurt our skin, and there will be no wound proliferation.

It's not for everyone to do half, but if you want to choose eyebrow tattooing, Teacher Ding still recommends using half technology, more, more suitable for you!

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