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After tattooing eyebrows, you must do the following 6 items well, otherwise thousands of dollars of eyebrows will be wasted

by:Qinmei     2023-05-13

Common sense after eyebrow tattoo:

1. The eyebrows just finished are thicker and thicker than the original design.

2. After the operation, you need to wash your face normally every day (cleanser avoids the eyebrows)

3. It is taboo to take a bath, sauna, swim, or soak in water for a long time within 3 days.

4. It is normal for the eyebrow color to be thicker 2 days after sitting, and the overall eyebrow color will become lighter after 4-5 days.

5. After 7 days, if the lines are uneven, it is normal. It takes one and a half months to replenish the color once within three months to achieve the best effect.

6. Do not use makeup foundation or BB on the eyebrows. It will make the overall eyebrow color gray or blue. It is best to use an eyebrow brush to sweep after makeup. The above problems are normal.

The answer to the color change of the repair (knot, scab) after tattooing: one week after tattooing, the color is lighter even if there is no color, don’t worry too much at this time!

Because: After the tattoo project, all need to go through a wound recovery period. During this period, there will be scabs and scabs. The scabs can be thick or thin, and sometimes they are very thin, similar to dander. If you don't look at it deliberately, it's like there is no scab! No matter how thick or not, the scabs will usually fall off naturally in about a week. Individual scabs fall off slowly, which is related to the healing ability of the skin itself, especially the thicker the repair agent is applied, the slower the scabs will fall off! After the scab has fallen off, the healing process of the wound is not completely over at this time, and the complete repair of the wound will take about 12 days.

After the scabs fall off, some customers can see obvious lines, some can't see them, or they can't see the lines at all….At this time, don't worry, because the eyebrows will go through a color reversion period, which is actually the metabolism process of the skin. During the color reversion period, the normal color of the lines will gradually appear. Counting from the day when the tattoo is done, it usually ends in about 28 days. After the process is completed, you can observe it at that time. If the color of the line is not obvious or the color is too light, you can still carry out fine-tuning of the complementary color after one month.

There is no pair of symmetrical eyebrows in the world: customers often struggle with the asymmetry of the eyebrow shape. Everyone observes carefully. The nose is the center of the dividing line. The left and right face shapes, bones, and muscles are not symmetrical, and the human face is three-dimensional. Yes, it is not a plane map. The changes in facial muscles reflect the facial expressions of people's joys, sorrows and joys. The eyebrows are the hairs that grow on the brow bone and eyebrow muscle, which will change with the changes in the muscles caused by changes in facial expressions. Especially as we grow older, the expression changes over the years cause serious differences in the height of the eyebrow muscles. In this case, the eyebrows are naturally asymmetrical.

The purpose of our eyebrows is to let the eyebrows better modify the face shape and facial features. As long as this pair of eyebrows makes our face more 'harmonious' and beautiful, it is a successful eyebrow. Therefore, if one eyebrow makes you more harmonious and beautiful, it is successful, don't worry about the problem of symmetry, because no one in the world has symmetrical eyebrows!

If you have any questions and suggestions, welcome to leave a message in the comment area. I am Aiya. I share knowledge about semi-permanent eyebrows, eyes and lips every day. Welcome everyone to follow me.

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