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'Air eyebrows' are popular this summer to keep you cool!

by:Qinmei     2023-05-17

In summer, everyone should prefer a refreshing makeup look. At this time, nude makeup with a fresh and natural air is the kingly way. In terms of makeup, eyebrows account for a very important part. If you want to create an airy makeup look, an airy eyebrow is indispensable~

In other words, air eyebrows are like natural eyebrows without excessive modification. The eyebrows look like they have no eyebrows. It is in line with the current trend of girls pursuing beauty without makeup. Through this natural makeup, you can make yourself look more lovely and charming. ~

In fact, airy pseudo plain eyebrows are very suitable for Asian girls with light makeup and pure makeup. Compared with the facial features of Europeans, most of the facial features of Asian girls look small and not three-dimensional, so too delicate eyebrows and nude makeup are not suitable. It's too good, so what are the characteristics of air eyebrows?

1. The roots of the eyebrows

If the eyebrows can be drawn clearly, it will look very natural, as if it is natural, so even slightly thicker eyebrows will not look very thick. 2. The eyebrow shape is very natural

Air eyebrows also need to modify the shape of the eyebrows, otherwise they will be messy and disorderly. You don’t need to trim them too neatly. You just need to clean up the miscellaneous hairs around the eyebrows. It will be a little rough. Trim the eyebrow shape you want, but this is for people with multiple eyebrows!

3. Lengthen eyebrow tail

The length of the eyebrows is particularly important if you want the eyebrows to be able to modify the face shape well, but the air eyebrows should not be too long. The most suitable length is that the tail of the eyebrow falls on the extension line of the nose and the end of the eye.

4. Eyebrow color is light

The air is invisible and intangible, which is the difference between the sense of air and the sense of nature, so the eyebrows with the sense of air are also light, the color will never be thick, similar to the hair color, and the density is not large. Amway has been air eyebrows for so long, are you excited about fried chicken~

'Air eyebrow' operation method and postoperative precautions

1. Local routine disinfection. the

2. Put a new needle in the tattoo pen, without dipping in the coloring material, insert the needle vertically to pierce the skin. Move the needle back and forth several times over the part of the skin that needs to be faded and reshaped. The needle movement is relatively intensive, and the depth is controlled at 0.1-0.3mm. The degree of slight exudate in the part is the degree. Wipe it clean with a sterile cotton ball while operating.

3. Clean the wound surface at the end of the operation, and apply a layer of antibiotic ointment locally to protect the wound surface, or dry and expose the wound surface.

4. Advise customers on the care precautions after washing. Keep the local skin wound absolutely clean and dry after operation. After 1-2 weeks, the dementia will be removed naturally, and the color will become lighter and lighter. After 1 month, depending on the fading situation, you can choose to fade again. In principle, it should be gradually faded in stages.



Wow~ The little master with 'air eyebrows'

really different

Do you feel that it is very natural, and it is almost impossible to find traces of makeup!

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