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Analysis of six reasons why semi-permanent eyebrows are not easy to color

by:Qinmei     2022-12-15

Since the semi-permanent fixed eyebrow appeared in the market, it has gradually been welcomed by beauty lovers, and it is becoming more and more popular now. However, some customers have responded to this semi-permanent makeup fixing technique that has attracted much attention. When the eyebrows are fixed, there will be cases where the semi-permanent eyebrows are not easy to color. Doing semi-permanent fixed eyebrows has a good performance after eyebrow surgery. What is the reason why semi-permanent fixed eyebrows are not easy to color?

From the perspective of professional technology, there are several reasons why semi-permanent eyebrows are not colored.

1. The color of the scab just fell off is light.

This is a normal situation. One is that it is darker just after the eyebrows are done, and it feels very light visually when the scabs fall off. In fact, at this time, you can compare it with the eyebrows that have not been done. The other thing is that eyebrow makeup is done on the surface of the skin, and there will be a color reversal period. At this time, the color will gradually reverse, so you can look at it half a month after the scab has fallen off, it is normal.

2. Uneven coloring

Due to the uneven coloring caused by the semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, one is the problem of the technician's technique, and the other is the customer himself, such as acne on the eyebrows, or scars, allergies, which will also cause the acne to not be on. color. Don’t worry everyone, the more complementary the eyebrows are, the more natural they will be!

3. Most of them are not colored

This kind of situation is relatively rare. The reason may be that the color is too light when the technician is operating, or it may be that the customer did not choose an authentic Korean makeup artist. Many novices go to a beauty shop as an apprentice for half a month and then come back or No formal training has been received. Another reason is that the client's skin is thin and difficult to color. Such customers may need two complementary colors to achieve the desired effect.

4. No coloring at all

This is relatively rare. Most of the reasons for this are that the skin of the client is difficult to color and easy to bleed, so they cannot all be colored. But don't worry, the problem of not being able to color will be made up for slowly through complementary colors in the later stage!

5. The skin texture is very thin

Because of the delicate skin of such people, many times they cannot directly apply lustrous color at one time, and need to go through secondary color replenishment to stabilize it. This is a natural reason, so there is no way.

6. Sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin tend to bleed easily during the operation of eyeliner, and generally need a second touch-up color to have a perfect eyeliner. The coloring process of semi-permanent makeup is actually divided into 4 parts: coloring - scabbing - recoloring - replenishing color. Scabs will appear 3-7 days after the eyeliner is finished, and then the scabs will fall off. When the first color is restored, there will be light color, lack of color and other phenomena, which are all normal, and need to be adjusted through the second color supplement in the later stage! The first time is to test the degree of skin coloring and preliminary formation, the second time is to complement the color, and the skin metabolism in 28 days shows the degree of pigment absorption!

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