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Are you addicted to beautiful lip gloss?

Are you addicted to beautiful lip gloss?


What is lip gloss?

Lip gloss is a product which can repair our lip and brighten lip color. 

It is made of cherry blossom essence , plant pigment, Vitamin E and some safe ingredients.

The nature is soft, will not hurt our skin. It is very popular in the word now for those beauty who do the lip tattoo operation. 

So what is the effect of the lip gloss? Lip gloss has many effects. 

It can moisturize and repair lips, smooth lip wrinkles, improve black lips and white lips, and solve the problem of cracked and peeling lips. 

In addition, it can repair and fix the color after the lip scab is removed, and prevent lip discoloration.

 It can also be used as a lip gloss, eye shadow and blush on a daily basis. 

This lipstick will not stick to the cup or fade, and the color of the lip gloss will change according to the human skin temperature. 

The effect is maintained for about 24 hours, which is very convenient to use.

Ok, so how many colors can be chosen?

The first one is pink, is suitable for the white color.

The second one is orange red. It is the most popular color which is very popular in Southeast Asian countries. Can be used for most people. 

The third one is the bright rose red can brighten the skin color and good for the white color.

The forth one is the rose red, mainly nourish and improve lip lines. It is very good for those people who like natural.

The fifth one is mainly for those with black lips, it can improve the problem of black lips.

You can see the different effect in the following pictures.

Here is the color chart. 

And here is the effect after we used the lip gloss. 

We can use the lip gloss in many ways in our daily time. If you don't know how to choose the color, please feel free to contact to us.

And if you want to know to know more about our products, you can visit our details or chat with us.

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