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ARTISTRY Semi-permanent tattoo artist commented on the contraindications of eyebrow tattooing

by:Qinmei     2022-05-05

Eyebrow tattooing includes plane eyebrow tattooing, three-dimensional eyebrow tattooing, dot eyebrow tattooing, three-dimensional simulation eyebrow tattooing and other eyebrow tattooing methods. These methods are all derived from the development of basic eyebrow tattooing technology, but these The methods did not appear at the same time. Eyebrow tattooing is a cosmetic surgery of the eyebrows, and there must be some contraindications, as follows: 1. In order to avoid cross-infection, people with infectious diseases such as hepatitis B should not have eyebrow tattooing. 2. Those who are allergic to eyebrow tattoo preparations. 3. Those with lesions in the eyebrow area, such as hemangioma, sebaceous cyst, seborrheic dermatitis, etc. 4. Those with scar constitution. 5. Those with boils, folliculitis and other infections on the face or eyebrow area. 6. The subject has blood diseases, such as hemophilia and thrombocytopenia. 7. For congenital or acquired ptosis, the position of the eyebrow on the patient's side is often higher than that on the healthy side. It is easy to cause errors in the eyebrow shape design, which often leads to unsatisfactory results after eyebrow tattooing, so it is contraindicated for eyebrow tattooing. 8. Those with mental and neurological disorders, those who have requirements for the effect of eyebrow tattooing that are out of reality or have high expectations.

Be careful with eyebrow tattooing. We all know that eyebrows that grow above the eyes can enrich people's facial expressions. , anger, sadness, joy and other complex inner activities. In addition, eyebrows also play a certain role in human health. It is a natural barrier for the eyes. When you are in hot weather, labor or physical exercise, sweat drips down your forehead, and the eyebrows can block the sweat from flowing into your eyes; Unexplained hair loss or thinning of the eyebrows can be a sign of conditions such as adrenal insufficiency or systemic lupus erythematosus. Pulling out the eyebrows at will and replacing them with 'artificial eyebrows' will not only damage the natural beauty of the face, make the face more complex, but also weaken its role in protecting the eyes. When plucking eyebrows and 'textured eyebrowsHepatitis; if local inflammation invades the dermis, it can lead to the formation of skin scars, or the destruction of hair follicles, causing disordered eyebrows and even disfigurement. In addition, nerves and blood vessels are densely covered around the eye socket. Undesirable stimuli such as plucking eyebrows and 'textured eyebrows' can also affect vision or cause eye muscle motor dysfunction, which may cause short-term or permanent damage, which is beyond regret. Therefore, I advise ladies to be cautious about 'brow trimming'. If the number, density and arrangement of eyebrows are not ideal, you can use eyebrow pencil to properly modify to enhance facial beauty.

Before choosing an eyebrow tattoo, you must first judge your own situation and whether it is suitable for you to choose an eyebrow tattoo. To make this judgment, you can consult the relevant information or consult the tattoo artist. It is best not to be impulsive without considering the actual situation. And tattooed eyebrows.

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