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ARTISTRY tattoo artist reminds you of the standard eyebrow shape for tattooing

by:Qinmei     2022-04-22

The standard eyebrow shape is described in the Eyebrow Aesthetic Standard. If the head of the eyebrows is brought closer to the center of the face, the appearance of the face tends to feel tense or too serious.

The brows are evacuated outward, away from the midline of the face. This kind of eyebrows give the impression of being peaceful, generous, and amiable. If they are evacuated too far, they will appear bitter and funny. .

The relationship between the eyebrow peak and the brow and the brow tip has a direct impact on a person's character. There is a certain slope from the eyebrow to the peak of the eyebrow, which has a three-dimensional sense, making people look handsome. The higher the eyebrow peak, the longer the face appears, and the lower the eyebrow peak, the wider the face. Flatter brow tips can shorten and widen your face.

If the eyebrows are slightly raised, the face can be elongated, but if the eyebrows are raised too much, there will be an angry image. Slightly downward sloping eyebrows give a sense of tenderness, and too much downward sloping will give people a painful appearance.

Draw a horizontal line from the brow to the tip of the brow. Young people's brow should be about 2mm lower than the horizontal line, and the tip of the brow should be 2mm higher. Middle-aged eyebrows correspond to the brow tip and the horizontal line. The eyebrows of the elderly should be 2mm higher than the horizontal line, and the eyebrow tips should be about 2mm lower than the horizontal line.

Artistini Korean semi-permanent tattoo artist said that straight eyebrows should be selected for long faces, and the eyebrows should not be raised or curved, which can set off the fullness of the face and reduce the length. For a round face, the brows should be slightly lower, with a natural arc, and the brows should be raised slightly to increase the length of the face. For a square face, choose a brow shape with thicker edges and corners. The eyebrow line of the triangular face matches the arc of the brow bone, and it is slightly straight. Choosing a good eyebrow shape has a direct relationship with the effect of eyebrow tattooing.

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