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As a tattoo artist, how do you answer when a customer asks how long the tattoo will last?

by:Qinmei     2022-04-20

As a professional tattoo artist, or if you want to work in this industry in the future, customers will always ask you all kinds of questions. Today, I will popularize these little knowledge for everyone. It is also suitable for those who are still full of doubts about getting tattoos.

Maybe many people do tattoos not only for the purpose of beauty, but also to save some makeup time. Then durability is also a concern of customers. We have some teachers who always like to exaggerate the retention time, and also like to pack a ticket to facilitate a transaction. But this late period brings some unnecessary troubles, so what should we say? Today, ARTISTRY's semi-permanent tattoo artist will share a story with you, telling the truth and facilitating transactions. Hello, as we are now using pure plant colorants, they will be naturally absorbed by the skin and will not last a lifetime like the previous chemical colorants, and of course they are healthier and harmless. In addition, each of us has different physical conditions, so individual metabolism is different. If the metabolism is slow, the maintenance time will be longer, so the length of the maintenance time depends on your personal absorption of the pigment. For some customers who really want to protect their whole life at one time, our tattoo artist had better not pick them up. Through this kind of talk, we can save more effort in after-sales service.

If a customer comes into the store to have eyebrows done, but is afraid to do it for fear of pain, what should we do at this time? First of all, we should see if it is appropriate for us to decorate the operating room. Generally speaking, a style with sharp edges and corners and a sharp sense will give people a subconscious pain, so if there is any, please change it to a more rounded and soft style, which is gentle and comfortable; second, it is necessary to do some Psychological guidance and preoperative communication can dispel concerns; in addition, choose strong anesthetics; if a customer is extremely sensitive to pain at the beginning, he or she can choose to operate with an instrument, which is less painful and can be tolerated by many customers.

Eight factors for the express delivery between the tattoo artist and the customer 1. Increase the customer's trust To win the customer's trust, a certain technical guarantee must be given. At present, I have observed that many tattoo and embroidery teachers will give some effect guarantees to customers, and at the same time list successful cases, customer success data, etc., to enhance customers' trust. If you are right and true, by the way, the reason why other people's prices are cheaper because the technology can't reach our level, to prove that our price is fair, can also play a role in dispelling customers' bargaining psychology. 2. Explore the potential needs of customers and transfer price issues When customers say '8800 yuan is too expensiveIt's not a big problem, this is a price list, which lists the effects and technical requirements of different price points in detail. 3. Customers directly inquire about the price, and they can not answer directly. Some customers are particularly sensitive to price, and they will go straight to the theme as soon as they enter the door. , consult the price. At this time, you can not answer directly, but don't go around in circles, otherwise customers will feel that you are very fake, and will naturally have a defensive mentality of 'will you lie to me'.

4. It’s normal for customers to have objections to the price. Don’t have any resentment. Some tattoo artist shops treat some customers who bargain very hard. It's disrespectful to customers. Everyone is learning to manage employees. What exactly is it to manage? To enable employees to provide high-quality services that respect customers from the bottom of their hearts, and to improve the level of service art in communication skills, I think that is the management goal of the boss 1. 5. Don't sell, give customers reasons for choosing this service. When customers say that the price is too high, don't push hard to sell how good our project is, but make verbal concessions and make progress by retreating. 6. Recognize the customer's point of view and supplement it from a professional point of view. Don't deny the customer's point of view in order to make a deal. Many teachers seem to overwhelm customers with words when communicating, and they can gain customer recognition. In fact, such a mentality is incorrect. 7. Don't put yourself in opposition to customers and be complicit. To change your marketing concept, we and customers are not antagonistic, but a team. At the beginning of the establishment of our Chunni culture, the reason why we named it 'Chunni' is that From the perspective of our beauty industry, we consider the beauty industry as a flower, and we are willing to be the spring mud, the mud that cultivates the blooming flowers.

8. Speaking skills According to the knowledge of linguistics, when customers bargain , we'd better use less 'youWell, or is it just brows done? 'Is it cash, or a bank card? ''Half the deposit first, or the full payment? 'Let customers take the deal for granted.

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