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As a tattoo artist, these problems should be avoided

by:Qinmei     2022-08-26

As a tattoo artist, I am afraid that when I do eyebrows for a client, the expected effect is not achieved, which not only damages the follow-up client, but also damages the potential clients of the client's friends in a chain, which has a great impact on my reputation.

What problems need to be paid attention to when helping customers to do eyebrows, the teacher of Nineteen Craftsmen will share with you, and pay special attention to these problems, especially for novice tattoo artists, these mistakes may be touched more.

Concern 1, the eyebrow shape is not designed correctly

This is the same as cutting hair. If the hairstyle is wrong, no matter how good your skills are, you cannot show that effect. For tattooed eyebrows, in order to achieve the desired effect, the eyebrow design is very important.

When designing eyebrow shapes for clients, some tattoo artists naturally recommend the current popular eyebrow shapes, but the customers themselves are not suitable for this eyebrow shape, and the effect of tattooing is very strange. At this time, we should recommend suitable eyebrow shapes to customers according to the actual situation, and consider all aspects in order to make an eyebrow shape that customers are very satisfied with.

Concern 2, did not choose the right eyebrow coloring material

Many tattooists have this habit. In the process of operation, many tattooists only use a single color, dark gray and black are used more, but the effect of doing so will make the eyebrows look unnatural. , the temperament is greatly reduced.

Concern 3, the operation method is not reasonable and even

Generally, when operating eyebrow tattoos, it is basically done along the direction of eyebrow growth. The color of the eyebrows and eyebrows will be relatively lighter and the density will be relatively sparse; the color and density of the eyebrows and waist will be thicker than the eyebrows and eyebrows. This is what is often said about tattooed eyebrows that the shades are always appropriate, and they look smooth.

Focus 4. Choose a high-quality color cream

It is estimated that a small number of tattoo artists have been recruited. Under the circumstance that all the work has been done very well, the coloring effect is very unsatisfactory, turning blue or not coloring. This is because the quality of the color cream is not up to standard. This will cause this situation to occur, which will not only bring pain and trouble to customers, but also affect their own reputation.

I believe that many pmu tattoo artists will encounter these problems, especially those who are just engaged in the tattoo industry. Sometimes they don’t know how to solve this kind of thing. This requires more practice on their own to reduce mistakes. Experience depends on I have accumulated it myself, so as a tattoo artist, we must have a solid foundation and aesthetic ability, so that we can tattoo eyebrows that both clients and themselves are satisfied with.

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