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Avoid pits and dry eyebrow tattoos, sisters who want to tattoo eyebrows must see

by:Qinmei     2023-05-12

Want to do semi-permanent, but don't know how to choose? Is there always such a big gap between imagination and reality? After reading this article, do semi-permanent, no longer afraid of making mistakes.

1. Price

Three to five hundred must be novices. For the sake of myself, don’t do it anymore. It’s ruined, and you have to change it again. In the end, you have to wash your eyebrows. It’s really painful, not to mention spending money.

2. The aesthetics of tattoo teachers

This is easy to identify, a tasteful teacher gives people a comfortable and durable feeling, tattooing the teacher's own eyebrows, can you directly see the teacher's beauty.

3. Identify the experience of the tattoo teacher

This still requires a pair of sharp eyes, and now it is too convenient to steal pictures online.

Identification method: shooting style, typesetting style, poor pixels may be pirated pictures. Important little details! For example, pillows, bedding, decoration, etc. may all be exposed.

4. Color

Reddish and brownish colors are easier to turn red than grayish ones. Pure gray is not good-looking on the face, and black can’t be used as eyebrows. Gray coffee color is the most stable and suitable for Asians. Different customers use different target colors to operate. .

5. Manual or instrument

Manual or instrument is not important, each teacher has different preferences, different feel, and different skills, as long as you can make good-looking eyebrows, it is a good technique. But: Teachers with poor skills, I can only say that whether it is manual or instrument, it can make you regret it.

6. It is very important to observe the teacher's circle of friends

In the circle of friends, you can also see the teacher's behavior, whether his mentality is positive, and his vision! If these are not good, I don't believe that the teacher's skills can be very good.

For Jimei people who have no foundation, everyone should observe more, compare more, and do more homework. Of course, you can also ask me, and I can give some suggestions!

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