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Can I apply a mask after semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing? Can I apply a mask when doing semi-permanent eyebrows?

by:Qinmei     2022-12-05

Many little fairies know that thrush is troublesome, and most of them will choose to have semi-permanent eyebrows, and will not waste time for thrush. Many little fairies know that they can’t wash their face with water within a week after finishing their eyebrows. For fairies who love beauty, applying a mask is an important means of maintenance. So can I apply a mask after semi-permanent eyebrows? How long does it take to apply a mask?

Can I apply a mask after semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing?

prone to infection and redness

Semi-permanent eyebrows need to pierce the surface of the skin, and the mask contains a variety of chemical ingredients, as well as fragrances and preservatives. If you use a mask after making semi-permanent eyebrows, the ingredients of the mask will inevitably flow into the skin, which will cause irritating damage to the unprotected skin, and it is easy to cause infection and redness on the eyebrows, so after finishing Semi-permanent eyebrows cannot be immediately applied mask.

It is easy to cause uneven eyebrow color

After the semi-permanent makeup is completed, it is usually not allowed to touch water for 7 days, and the pigment that stays on the skin also needs 28 days to stabilize and fix the color, and the mask generally contains a large amount of essence, and the skin needs to be cleaned after contact with the essence. It is easy to cause pigmentation to fall off, resulting in poor color of semi-permanent eyebrows or uneven eyebrow color.


Can I apply a mask for semi-permanent eyebrows?

After making semi-permanent eyebrows, the pigment remaining on the skin needs a 28-day repair period, and the large amount of essence in the mask will cause the semi-permanent eyebrows to become poorly colored or uneven in color after the skin is exposed to the essence.

The mask is usually used one month after the semi-permanent eyebrows are done, because the semi-permanent eyebrows will cause a certain degree of damage to the skin, and the skin needs 28 days to completely repair the damage, if the mask is applied during the semi-permanent recovery period, then It may cause redness and uneven coloring of the eyebrow area, so you need to wait a month before applying the mask after finishing the semi-permanent eyebrows.

You can't use a mask for redness and swelling after semi-permanent eyebrows

Some beauty lovers have persistent redness and swelling when they have just finished semi-permanent eyebrows. In this case, the mask cannot be used. Redness and swelling are caused by beauty lovers who are allergic to semi-permanent pigments. If you use a mask during the redness and allergy period, it will cause irritation to the skin and aggravate the allergy.

Scabs cannot be used after semi-permanent eyebrows

There will be scabs after the semi-permanent treatment, and the scabs will fall off normally, but generally do not use the mask during the period of scabs and scabs, this is because some masks with thicker essence need to be washed after use, during the process of cleaning the mask It will take away the pigment of the scab and semi-permanent makeup, so the mask cannot be used during this period.


How to apply mask after semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo

For girls, facial masks should be applied every day, especially in this hot summer, they need to be nourished every day, otherwise the moisture will be lost and the skin will age quickly. But many MMs do tattoos in summer. Once tattoos are done, what should beauty-loving MMs do? Here is a convenient and witty good idea to share with you. It is indeed MMs who have done tattoos and want to apply a mask savior.

The only material we need to prepare is plastic wrap. Cut the plastic wrap into the shape of the eyebrows, cover it on the eyebrows, seal it, and stick a few more layers. The next step is to apply the mask! After applying the mask, take off the mask and put Dry around, then remove the plastic wrap, get it~~~

Ladies and gentlemen, have you learned such a clever technique? Hurry up and learn it~

Questions and answers about semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos
Q: Can semi-permanent eyebrows be used as a mask just after they are done?
Answer: It is not recommended, because it is not allowed to get wet within a week after the operation, so it is recommended not to apply a mask when the semi-permanent eyebrows are just done.
Q: I have had my eyebrow tattooed for three weeks and still have some scabs, can I apply a mask?
Answer: No, after eyebrow tattooing, the epidermis will automatically scab after scabbing, and it will fall off naturally after a few days, usually 7 to 14 days before it will fall off.
Q: Can I put a mask on the scabs after eyebrow tattooing?
Answer: Not for the time being, anti-inflammatory drugs (chlortetracycline eye ointment) are applied externally on the wound to prevent infection, 2-3 times a day for three consecutive days.
Q: How many days after eyebrow tattooing can I apply a mask?
Answer: You can apply the mask one week after the eyebrow tattoo, but there are some special cases, but you can only apply the mask after the scabs on the eyebrows fall off.
Q: How soon after semi-permanent eyebrows can I apply a mask?
Answer: You can wait for the scab to fall off. It takes about 7-15 days or even longer for the scab to fall off. This has something to do with everyone's metabolism speed. After the scab falls off, you can apply the mask if you don't need to make up again!

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