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Can I wash my face after semi-permanent makeup, can I wash my face after semi-permanent makeup?

by:Qinmei     2022-05-06

Facial cleansing is available. You can clean your face after the operation, but you should pay attention to avoid water or detergent on the application site. Avoid heavy sweating, sauna and hot spring activities within a week, so the lukewarm weather in autumn is the best season for semi-permanent makeup.

1. Can I wash my face after semi-permanent makeup? How long after semi-permanent makeup is it safe to wash your face? Everyone knows a little about semi-permanent makeup, so how long can you wash your face after semi-permanent makeup? Let's find out together! 2. How long can you wash your face after semi-permanence? The time you can wash your face after semi-permanent surgery is not absolute. Usually, you can wash your face with water after the wound has recovered after three days. Generally, you need to avoid washing your face within three days. This is also avoided. Infection after semi-permanent, to promote recovery after semi-permanent. When washing your face, you also need to avoid the semi-permanent makeup area and just use a sterile cotton swab to clean the dirty area. 3. Why not wash your face immediately after semi-permanent surgery (pigment is easy to fall off) One of the reasons why beauty lovers can’t wash their face immediately after semi-permanent is that the pigment is easy to fall off. This is not because the semi-permanent pigment is not good, but because It takes a while for the pigment to stabilize after semi-permanent. Washing your face is likely to cause the pigment to fall off, making semi-permanent eyeliner, eyeliner, or eyebrows ineffective. 4. The wound is susceptible to infection. Another reason why you cannot wash your face immediately after the semi-permanent treatment is that the wound is easily infected when exposed to water. The semi-permanent operation needs to pierce the skin, which will inevitably leave a wound on the skin. Water, water contains a lot of pathogenic bacteria, so it is easy for beauty seekers to be infected by bacteria, causing local inflammation. 5. After the semi-permanent infection occurs, you cannot wash your face. Some girls will have a series of symptoms of infection in the skin one week after the semi-permanent treatment, which indicates that bacteria have invaded under the skin, and the body's immune system will become sensitive. In the case of infection after semi-permanent, beauty lovers should not use water to wash their face, and also can not use any facial cleanser to wash their face, because there are chemical ingredients in facial cleanser, without exception, in order to avoid skin irritation after semi-permanent. Stimulation, it is best not to get infected. . Then use some facial cleanser to wash your face, so as to avoid the ingredients of poor-quality facial cleanser causing irritation to the fragile skin, aggravating the symptoms of infection, and making it difficult to recover. 6. If there is damage after semi-permanent, you can't wash your face. If you find that your eyes are red, swollen and sore after making a semi-permanent cosmetic contact line, you can't wash your face normally if your eyes don't recover within 3 days. This is because Redness and swelling pain is the manifestation of damage and irritation around the eye area. If you wash your face indefinitely at this time, it may lead to aggravation of the redness, swelling and pain problem. Therefore, if the semi-permanent makeup is damaged, it means that you cannot wash your face with water.

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