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Can lip tattooing really replace lipstick? Does lip tattooing hurt?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-23

No matter how delicate makeup looks, without the embellishment of red lips, it will be dull. Everyone's impression of lip making is still on the traditional sausage mouth. In fact, the semi-permanent lip is completely different from the traditional lip tattoo, it will not be swollen, the recovery period is short, and the color is very natural.

1. Can you replace lipstick after tattooing your lips?

the answer is negative. The purpose of lip color change is to even out your lip color, adjust the dark purple pigment deposition, and enhance the complexion of the plain color. It cannot replace the color of lipstick. You can understand that it is a primer for all lipsticks and lipsticks, and it is easy to control any color makeup. There is no problem that the lipstick does not show color, and it is also the standard for false makeup!

2. Can you do any color you want for lip tattooing?

First of all: The purpose of lip tattooing must be clear. Lip tattooing is not a substitute for lipstick. Lip tattooing can help you repair and brighten your lip color. For example, some people have dark lips, so she needs to change the lip color to make the lip color darker. It looks more pink and brighter. Some people have white lips and no blood, so she needs to make their lips look more ruddy and have a better complexion. These are all things that can make your lips look better when you have no makeup. It's very beautiful, and it doesn't affect your lipstick later~

3. Now that there are so many lipsticks, why do you want to tattoo your lips?

This question, ask the girl with dark lips, only the girl with dark lips can get the answer. Of course, lip tattoos not only help these girls get rid of the trouble of bad complexion, but also many delicate ladies, after eating and removing makeup, will also feel that there is such a big difference between lipstick and lip tattoos. The technology is just in use!

4. Do lip tattoos hurt?

This problem, some people fall asleep, some people are nervous from beginning to end, it is a problem of mentality, in fact, in the first half an hour, the whole mouth is numb, and as the stabilizer dissipates, it will gradually If there is a tingling sensation, then apply the stabilizer in the middle, and the whole process is almost painless.

In fact, lip tattooing is a beautiful art, which can make people look better without makeup, and can effectively improve people's spirit. Sisters, on the road of becoming beautiful, no matter what we do, we just want to become a better version of ourselves.

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