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Can you learn half tattoos with zero foundation?

by:Qinmei     2022-07-23

Stage: Beginner Stage

For zero-based students, the first thing to learn is eyebrow design. Only when the eyebrow shape is well designed can the tattooed eyebrows be progressed at the back. What you need to learn at this stage is the sketching course. Learn the lines, shapes, and directions of eyebrows.

Stage 2: Practice Stage

After learning the sketch, we will start to operate it. Of course, it is impossible to practice on the human body from the beginning, so we will use the fake leather, and let the students practice the lines with the manual knife on the fake leather. From single line, to double line, to triple line, as long as you learn with patience and enthusiasm, half tattoo embroidery is actually not difficult.

Stage 3: Instrument use

After the manual knife and line are learned, we will start to learn the use of the eyebrow tattoo machine. From the operation method to the precautions, the teachers will solve all kinds of problems for the students one by one.

Tattoo training

Stage 4: Professional Theory

Techniques are learned and mastered. We are about to start learning the professional theory of tattoo embroidery. From the preparation of pigments to the operation, to the screening of materials, these are the necessary knowledge points before the actual operation, which can prevent unnecessary mistakes.

Stage 5: Real People

Real-life practice can be said to be an important part, because fake skins cannot replace real people after all. Generally, the teacher will conduct one-on-one operation drills first, so that students can understand each step. Then hand-in-hand guidance, let the students do their own hands-on practice.

From the above learning process, we can see that it is not difficult to learn half tattoo. As long as you choose the right school, you can easily master this skill. It's totally fine to open your own shop or get a job easily.

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