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Causes and treatment methods of tattooed eyebrows not coloring

by:Qinmei     2022-04-29

Abstract: The reasons why the eyebrows do not get colored and how to deal with them The teacher will not adjust the length of the needle tip, which will easily cause the color to be lost. Therefore, girls must choose a regular brand chain anti-organization eyebrow tattoo before tattooing their eyebrows.

1. Oily skin eyebrows are not colored. Oily skin girls are most likely to have eyebrow tattoos when tattooing their eyebrows. If there is no coloring, this is mainly due to the excessive secretion of skin oil, which easily leads to the uneven distribution of pigments. In this case, the density of eyebrow tattooing needles can be increased during the eyebrow tattooing process, and the needles are slightly deeper than ordinary skin when the needles are placed, so that there will be no situation where the eyebrow tattooing is not colored. 2. Insufficient eyebrow tattooing experience causes the eyebrows to not be colored. Due to the inexperience of the eyebrow tattooists, it is easy to have the eyebrows not colored. This is because some eyebrow tattooists do not adjust the length of the needle tip. , it is easy to cause no coloring. Therefore, girls must choose a regular brand chain anti-organization eyebrow tattoo before tattooing their eyebrows, and do not easily go to unfamiliar and unreliable studios for eyebrow tattooing.

3. The eyebrow tattooing needle is not sharp, which leads to the lack of coloring. The principle of acupuncture causes the needle tip of the eyebrow tattoo needle to be dull, which leads to the situation that the eyebrow tattoo is not colored. 4. Insufficient control of pigment concentration leads to no coloring of eyebrow tattoos If the concentration of pigment for tattoo eyebrows is not mastered enough, and the pigment is too thick or too thin, it will cause the situation that eyebrow tattoos will not be colored. The eyebrow tattoo artist must re-master the adjustment of the color material or re-select the color to avoid the situation that the eyebrow tattoo is not colored. 5. The depth of the tattoos causes the eyebrows to not be colored. When the eyebrows are tattooed, the depth of the tattoos by the eyebrow tattoo artist can easily cause the eyebrows to not be colored. Too deep or too shallow tattoos will cause the eyebrows to not be colored. s reason. Sixth, rubbing while rubbing causes the eyebrows to not be colored. Many inexperienced eyebrow tattooists like to rub while rubbing, which will cause the skin to be wiped clean before absorbing the dye, which is why many girls paper The reason why the eyebrows are not colored. 7. When the eyebrow tattoo is not colored due to the wrong angle, it often happens that the eyebrow tattoo is not colored because the angle of the eyebrow tattoo artist is not correct. In fact, eyebrow tattooing is very technical, so sister paper eyebrow tattooing Be sure to choose a regular medical beauty institution for eyebrow tattooing to achieve low damage and high effect eyebrow tattooing. Eight, the time of anesthesia is not enough, the eyebrow tattoo is not colored. The time of the anesthetic is not enough to easily cause the eyebrow tattoo to not be colored, because when the skin feels pain, the capillaries will shrink, which will lead to the occurrence of the eyebrow tattoo not coloring.

Other treatment methods

1. Oily skin. Solution: light thorns increase the density and more penetration. 2. The needle tip is exposed too long or too short (in operation). Solution: Adjust the exposed length of the needle tip. 3. The needle tip is blunt and unchecked. Solution: replace the needle with a new one. 4. The pigment is too thick. Solution: dilute the colorant, use medical glycerin for paste colorant; dilute liquid colorant with sterile water for injection or gentamicin injection. 5. The pigment is too thin. Solution: The colorant should be re-picked. 6, the text is too deep. Solution: reduce the depth of the thorn and take appropriate hemostasis measures. 7. The extension length of the eyebrow tattooing machine is not enough, and the eyebrow needle cannot touch the pigment. Solution: Adjust the telescopic length of the decoration machine or change the machine. 8. The epidermal tissue is damaged, such as spring allergies destroying the cuticle, mosquito bites, and guests who have used freckle products. Solution: light thorns, high density, and more penetration. 9. Erasing while writing. Solution: After applying the text, wait for the pigment to be absorbed by the skin before rubbing. 10. Lines that have not been repeated in the original text. Solution: The lines in the original text should be repeated. 11. The angle of the thorn is wrong, and the thorn is not in the direction of the needle tip. Solution: Adjust the angle and stab in the direction of the needle tip. 12. Use organic pigments, which are easy to be phagocytosed by macrophages and fade, and will spread reasonably. Solution: Inorganic colorants should be used. 13. The anesthesia time is not enough, and the capillary constriction is not good. Solution: prolong the anesthesia time. 14. The tattooed lip or eyeliner did not tighten the essential part. Solution: When doing tattoos, tighten the parts to be written before texting.

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