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Combination and complementary techniques of floating eyebrows, embroidered eyebrows and shadow eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-04-14

Embroidered eyebrows are actually a kind of traumatic skin coloring. The pigment is planted in the skin tissue to form a stable color block. Because the epidermis is very thin, it becomes translucent. Cover up flaws, enhance strengths and circumvent weaknesses, modify and beautify. It is to embroider the shape of the eyebrows by tattooing, and inject the pigment into the subcutaneous tissue 0.2-0.3mm to attach the pigment to the skin. Phagocytic phagocytosis, thus forming a mark, long-term non-fading, to achieve the purpose of beauty. Embroidered eyebrows are also known as 'tattoo embroidery, text embroidery'. In ancient times, embroidery on silk was called 'wen embroidery'. to distinguish it from Wenjin. It was not until the Han Dynasty that embroidery on cloth was known as 'embroidery'. The continuation of these mainly refers to the ancient 'Xu embroidery' and 'embroideryModern human eyebrow embroidery is evolved from the early manual eyebrow tattooing. All the needles are changed to bevel needles to form the effect of hand-picking. As a technical innovation project of manual eyebrow tattooing, it is undoubtedly faster than manual eyebrow tattooing, coloring and producing more changes, but after all, it is handmade, it is difficult to master and produce three-dimensional subtle effects as easily as eyebrow tattooing machine. . But as a new item, eyebrow embroidery has its unique charm and mystery.

The principle of eyebrow lifting is the same as that of tattooing eyebrows, both of which are traumatic coloring phenomena. The eyebrows are designed according to the face shape, temperament and occupation, and then the skin is opened with the eyebrow lifting device and the pigment is buried. The pigment and collagen combine to form a pigmented ribbon. And then form a root like eyebrows, forming eyebrow pattern tattoo technology. Because of the improvement of the tools, the method of designing the eyebrow shape has been improved. Fluttering eyebrows can be as slender as hair silk in terms of effect, and can have the feeling of being fake and real, handsome and elegant. Hence the name 'Flying Eyebrows'. In ancient times, many tribes used sharp stone tools, fish bones, animal bones and other items, stained with special plant juices or mineral pigments to pierce the skin for drawing and engraving. Use it to express symbolism, mystery, power, or to represent religious beliefs, etc. This is the origin of tattooing - ancient tattooing. Tattoos are tattoos, which were very popular in ancient times. In ancient my country, tattoos were called: thorn orchid, tattoo, carved blue, hollow body, embroidered face and so on. The richness of its content can be seen. After a long period of change, ancient tattooing has evolved into a modern systematic, formal tattooing technique. But it was not until the early 1980s that tattoo art took an epoch-making step towards tattoo beauty. Ms. Cheng Mingming from Hong Kong, China first thought of applying tattoo technology to improve eyebrows. She tied the needle to the chopsticks, used the needle to pick up the dye, and then modified the eyebrows according to the shape of the eyebrows. That is, eyebrow tattooing. Since then, the trend of ornamentation has quickly become popular. So far, tattoo embroidery has entered the initial stage - eyebrow tattooing stage. Around the mid-1980s, Mr. Zhang Zhengmeng from Taiwan, China invented the tattoo machine. The tattoo has entered a professional stage. In the mid-1990s, David Ai invented the eyebrow pencil. Since then, with the efforts of many tattoo professionals, tattoo embroidery began to be combined with aesthetics, medicine, anthropology, and geometry. Therefore, tattoo embroidery has entered a comprehensive and systematic period. During this period, many tattoo companies also emerged. After everyone has a basic grasp of the techniques and line arrangement of embroidering and raising eyebrows, we will no longer teach you the method of using a machine to operate eyebrows with a single needle in this book. Interested students can conduct other targeted research. In fact, through our practical experience, the fastest learning speed and the fastest mastering should be the eyebrows, and many beginners have a pleasant feeling about the eyebrows they just made after learning the eyebrows. But I have warned everyone that raising eyebrows, like other techniques, requires a lot of practical operation and constant improvement of your own understanding. Among the friends I am familiar with in the tattoo circle, many of them have been veterans for many years, and they are full of glory on the road of tattooing. Everyone is familiar with and good at different techniques. I will not give more examples here. Through the study of the previous chapters, we found that the larger the skin crack or the wound, the thicker the lines will look, and the greater the probability of smearing; The smaller the crack or wound is, the lines look very thin, but the probability of color fading in the later stage is very high. Why do some teachers say that some teachers are only suitable for meetings and demonstrations, because the eyebrows that looked like real hair at the time will fade in the later stage. The rate is almost 100%. How to maintain a suitable degree between clear lines without fading and slenderness without blurring is a difficulty that you, including myself, should work tirelessly to overcome. Personally, I advocate that when operating the eyebrows for the first time, use the eyebrow-raising technique to operate. There are several specific advantages; 1. Use the sliding needle to operate along the direction of the eyebrow growth, most people will have a clear idea, and the curve of the line is good; 2. The line just finished is faster to color and easy to shape; 3. After the first time, the effect is better. At this time, the guests can get up and see the effect at that time, which has a good psychological suggestion.

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