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Committed to producing the best tattoo pigments in the world.

by:Qinmei     2022-10-26
style='padding: 0 0 30px;'> Committed to producing the best tattoo pigments in the world. Provide high-quality tattoo and color OEM services for major agents, brand owners, training institutions, and tattooists
Now you can benefit from our thirteen years of research and development in semi-permanent tattoo pigments. We will teach you how to use our latest technology in the beauty tattoo industry and get great results.
Permanent semi-permanent pigments
Unlike tattoos, semi-permanent pigments are only applied to the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin). The composition of tattoo pigments is different from that of tattoo pigments. The tattoo pigments use plant-derived pigments, which are relatively stable and will not turn red and blue, and the ingredients in the tattoo pigments can be absorbed by hair blood cells. Depending on the metabolism of the human body, it will slowly fade in 2-3 years until it disappears.

However, fading may vary depending on the type of needle, color of the pigment, age factor, skin type, etc.

The ingredients of tattoo pigments are mineral inorganic substances, the particles are relatively large, they will not be absorbed by human cells, and they will not spread easily. After the tattoo is finished, it will maintain a permanent effect.

Organic water-based color milk
35 colors are available, both eyebrows, eyes and lips can be operated.
Imported pure organic pigments, combined with advanced nano-emulsification technology, ensure fine pigments and stable colors. GMP standard aseptic filling technology to prevent secondary infection of pigments.
The unique liquid emulsion pigment can be operated by manual machines, without smudging or discoloration.

Ultrafine Liquid Pigment
18 colors are available, both eyebrows, eyes and lips can be operated
It adopts the small-molecule phyto-extracted pigment that has passed the international authoritative certification, does not contain heavy metal components, and the water-based solvent is easier to absorb. The ratio of pigment and solvent is finely adjusted, which is easier to color. .

Nano organic color paste
12 colors available, brow and eye operation
Using nanotechnology, fine grinding, rich and delicate color, easy to absorb on the skin, safe and reliable, no dizziness, no discoloration, large particles, stable coloring, and the color presents a three-dimensional realistic effect.
Due to the strong viscosity of the paste, it is suitable for hand-painting.

Produces the world's finest semi-permanent tattoo pigments, instruments and other supplies. We only use the highest quality raw materials in semi-permanent pigments, and use pure plant-derived pigments imported from Germany, which must meet the strict safety standards of the Safety Practice Alliance. Has earned a global reputation as a leading researcher and innovator in the semi-permanent tattoo industry. In addition, its brand, Berela, provides semi-permanent tattoo training courses for those who are interested in becoming semi-permanent tattoo artists. For more information, please contact us.
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