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Common operation problems of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup

by:Qinmei     2022-12-08

Girls who are familiar with the beauty industry know that semi-permanence is becoming more and more popular. With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for semi-permanence is gradually deepening. Many people began to join the semi-permanent industry, looking for a professional semi-permanent training system to learn semi-permanent. Semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing is the basis of semi-permanent training, and it is relatively difficult. Many students encounter some problems with the technique and alignment of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. The following editor will analyze these situations for you.

The problem of loose eyebrow skin

Method: Gesture technique—tighten the eyebrow skin

Use the left hand as an example according to the handed habits of most people.

1. The index finger ② and middle finger ① are in the shape of scissors hands. The middle finger is pressed on the eyebrows and a little on the forehead, and the index finger is pressed on the eyelids.

2. Tighten the skin of the eyebrows with two fingers, not too hard.

Note: The intensity should be determined according to the age of the client. Young people's skin is tight, and a little force is enough. Older skin is slack, and it should be tightened with appropriate force.

(Needle piece/instrument) Needle down angle problem

Method: Stitch vertically as far as possible

For this problem, most tattoo artists can understand and avoid it very well, as long as the angle between the needle and the eyebrow skin is as vertical as possible when inserting the needle

Problems with wiring force skills

Method: use wrist force

Use the right hand as an example according to the handed habits of most people.

Put the little finger of the right hand on the face in a curved shape, as a support point, and use the force of the wrist to drive the direction of the needle (the feeling of throwing it out).

Note: Do not use arm force (the strength will be excessive) and do not use finger force (the line will be unstable).


Problems with wiring method (especially brows)

Method: Receive right, push left

Push left. a. When manipulating the left eyebrow of the customer, the tattoo artist should sit on the right side of the customer. b. The direction of the needle tip of the drawn line should be towards the tattoo artist himself. c. The direction of the drawn line, and the pushing posture from the inside to the outside.

Note: In order to achieve better coloring for tattoo newcomers, the method of thread routing can use the method of 'going three times and retreating two' (limited to the operation with instruments).

The problem of stained milk

Method: Dip frequently, sparingly, and keep the needles clean.

This is a phenomenon that is easily overlooked by tattoo embroiderers. It is often seen that some tattoo newcomers get a lot of color on the needle when they pick up the color. In fact, it is not the case. The color material we need to use when embroidering eyebrows only needs a little bit on the tip of the needle.

It is recommended that the needle piece be attached to the side of the pile of coloring material at a certain angle and sweep lightly, as long as there is coloring material in the seam of the needle tip. If there is too much, just sweep off the excess, and you can make 2-3 lines by dipping the color material once. Since there is not much coloring material on the needle piece, we can accurately complete the action when re-threading, and make precise and thin lines.

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