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Common problems in the use of tattoo pigments - processing of tattoo pigments

by:Qinmei     2022-08-20

What are the consequences of using inferior embroidery pigments?

The use of low-quality embroidery pigments, although the skin will not show obvious symptoms when the operation is just completed, and the coloring is in place, but the trouble is that in the later stage, symptoms such as allergies, redness, inflammation, etc. may appear, and discoloration may also occur. In the case of redness and blueness, a series of problems such as allergies, skin rejection and hyperplasia will occur in severe cases.

As an embroiderer, the most fearful thing is the after-sales problem. If the customer is irreparably damaged due to the poor embroidery color, it will be a very troublesome thing to find yourself at that time, and your reputation will also be affected. impact, completely outweighed the gain.

The tattoo industry must be responsible for the guests. The first and foremost is to choose the color material. Don't choose the inferior color material because of the cheap price.

Why is the color material always not colored when tattooing?

If you have this kind of problem all the time, you need to find the problem in yourself,
Whether the method of using the pigment is correct, and whether the needle insertion method is correct, many tattoo artists may think that it is the problem of the customer's skin quality or the poor pigment when they do not apply the color, and ignore their own reasons. The problem. As an embroiderer, you should keep learning and progressing, finding out the reasons and making improvements is the correct way, and sticking to the inherent technical learning and improvement is destined to be eliminated by the market.

(1) Colorants are not used correctly;

(2) The technique is incorrect, the pigment is not brought into the needle when the needle is inserted, the needle is not inserted effectively, or the needle is shallow;

(3) The strength, frequency and uniformity of needle insertion are all factors that affect coloring


(1) When inserting the needle, ensure that the needle and the skin maintain a vertical angle every time the needle is inserted;

(2) Every time the needle is ejected, the needle tip should evenly bring the fine material. Strength, depth, and surface should be uniform and meticulous;

(3) The area of ​​needle insertion should be kept uniform, and do not go back and forth in the same area for many times. The back and forth operation will cause the wound surface to enlarge and the scab to be too thick, which is easy to cause redness and swelling and tissue fluid, which is not conducive to the second coloring.

What should I do if the pmu tattoo pigment dries out after a few days of opening? Is it still usable?

If the colorant is not closed in time after being opened and used, the water will be lost within a few days and become dry. If it has not been opened for more than a week, it can be mixed and stirred with toner, and stirred to the normal color level before use.

It is afraid of sunlight, so avoid storing it in the place where it is exposed to sunlight!

It is afraid of air, so be careful to tighten it after use!

In the whole process of tattooing, although the pigment is a small bottle, it is also very important. A perfect work must be matched with high-quality pigments. An excellent tattoo artist chooses pigments It must be prudent, the color material is the necessary color material for excellent pmu tattoo artists.

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