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Common sense of tattoo beauty

by:Qinmei     2023-05-09

Tattoo beauty is a kind of traumatic skin coloring, which has certain risks. Tattoo beauty can only succeed and not fail, so the operation of tattoo beauty should be carried out under safe conditions. There must be special instruments and tools, disinfection and sanitation, and tattoo operators are required to have certain basic knowledge of medicine and aesthetics, as well as well-trained operating skills. Environment, atmosphere, light, etc. are all important conditions related to tattoo beauty.
In a clean and comfortable environment, tattoo beauty is implemented on the dermis and epidermis. After the epidermis is pierced, the protective function is reduced, and bacteria are easy to invade. Therefore, the tattoo beauty operation room should be kept clean and the air fresh.
A quiet and soft atmosphere, a good atmosphere, can mediate a good person's nerves and make people feel peaceful and stable. When tattooing in this environment, you can concentrate on the operation. The tattooed person actively cooperates in a good environment to ensure the quality of the tattooist's work.
Moderate lighting, lighting is an important condition for tattoo beauty operations. The soft and comfortable light can reduce the visual fatigue of tattoo practitioners and ensure the quality of tattoos
Essential amenities: beauty bed and mirror. The half-lying or flat-lying posture of the tattooed person has strong stability and a sense of security, which is convenient for the tattooist to operate. The function of the mirror: it is to let the guests see the effect. It is also the overall effect of allowing the tattooist to look at the tattoo in the mirror.

1. Precautions for tattoo color matching: tattoos are prepared with corresponding colors according to hair color, skin color, eye color, age, and occupation;
2. The shape design of tattoo embroidery points: tattoo designs a pair of successful eyebrow shapes according to face shape, occupation, personality, and natural conditions;
3. Precautions for tattoo embroidery: The professionalism of the tattoo artist: The technical requirements of the tattoo artist are strict, which stems from the density and strength of the tattoo, and the cooperation of the wrist strength. Along with the growth direction of the natural eyebrows, the tattoos are embroidered one by one, emphasizing three-dimensional effect, with a sense of reality and space;
4. Precautions for tattooing: The relationship between tattooing and skin tissue: Human skin is divided into three layers, from outside to inside - subcutaneous tissue, dermis, and epidermis. The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin and has a protective effect. The physiological tissue of the epidermis is divided into five layers from the outside to the inside, namely the stratum corneum, the transparent layer, the granular layer, the spinous layer, and the basal layer. The location of the tattoo is in the epidermis. The granular layer is carried out, the epidermis has no blood vessels, but there are many nerve endings, so there will be no bleeding, redness or swelling during tattooing, and no protective measures are required.

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