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Cosmetics processing precautions, click to collect!

by:Qinmei     2022-10-25
For the fast-moving consumer goods category of cosmetics, brands emerge in an endless stream, and products are constantly updated and iterative. Therefore, in order to launch products more quickly and seize the market, many cosmetic brands will choose cosmetic processing companies for OEM production. However, for brand owners who are new to cosmetic OEM processing, they are completely confused.

Next, we will sort out the most detailed precautions for cosmetic processing, click to collect!

1. How to Find a Professional Cosmetics OEM Manufacturer
First of all, before product production, brand management, beauty salon customer base, product demand, outsourcing requirements, etc. should be considered.
It is very important to target the consumers that the product faces. If you choose a professional line, the quality of the product will be better. If you choose daily chemical lines, e-commerce and other channels, you should save costs and choose lower prices.

Secondly, for the screening of manufacturers, it is best to conduct on-site factory inspections to understand the environment and production environment of the factory, so as to be more reliable. You can also search for manufacturers through Alibaba, and choose a strong manufacturer to contact. Because these factories have passed the inspection of Alibaba's third party, and they are all genuine.

Second, what kind of sample is good?

When choosing a foundry, we usually conduct a sample trial session, so what kind of samples are good?

We can estimate the price from the price of the product as a whole; and then judge from the skin feel, texture and effect of the trial; for moisturizing products, it is mainly to try the skin feel and moisturizing effect. And the feeling when applying it, you can take a little more samples, so that you can try it for many people, so everyone's opinions will be reference, will you be allergic, whether the functional products are effective, if you want to embroider the color material It can be judged from the effect of coloring exercises on the skin.

3. See if there are value-added services?

Cosmetics OEM processing involves a lot more than just product production. Therefore, when choosing a foundry company, we can deeply understand whether the company can provide some value-added services, which can greatly save our time and cost. For example, in addition to OEM, we provide customers with value-added services such as brand planning, packaging design, assistance in trademark registration, assistance in filing certification, and co-purchasing/purchasing packaging materials to help customers quickly complete OEM products.

The above are some precautions for cosmetic processing, I hope to help everyone~~

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