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Customers with 3 different lip shapes, design ideas

by:Qinmei     2023-05-18

Hello everyone, today I would like to share with you what are the three types of lip shape needs of customers? Complicated things only need to be done repeatedly, and you will continue to internalize it as your own thing, and then you will find that it is actually not that complicated.

First of all, we first divide the customer's demand for lip shape into three types:

The first type: the original lip shape itself is relatively good and complete. Doesn't require much tweaking

For such a customer, we only need to respect her original lip shape when making lips, and perform simple design operations, and the technical difficulty is relatively low. This type of customer can't put on the lipstick well even if she has good-looking lipstick, or the problem of lipstick falling off the cup makes her want to tattoo her lips, which is also the meaning of our tattoos.

The second type: the original lip shape is incomplete. For example, the edge of the lip peak is incomplete and uneven

Such customers have a stronger demand for lip shape improvement. We can make small adjustments, but if the defect area is relatively large, such adjustments are also limited. We must tell customers in advance what kind of changes can be brought about. The benefits and possible problems need to be discussed by both parties to decide whether to design and operate, so as to avoid disputes caused by color differences in the adjusted places in the later stage. This point should be paid attention to.

Third: The original lip shape needs to be adjusted in size

This is the customer's need to change from a large lip to a small lip. The principle of our adjustment is that we can only adjust the thickness of 03mm, that is to say, the thickness of two single needles. Then combine the flesh pink color and transparent white color to perform blurred lip line treatment. Because of years of teaching experience, we have also seen many embroiderers change customers' big lips into small lips, and finally into two obvious lip shapes, which will be more embarrassing.

Finally, to sum up, the lip shape should be designed: soft curve, easy shape, soft blur, do you remember?

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