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Embroiderer, what should I do if you darken my eyebrows?

by:Qinmei     2022-04-25

Semi-permanent eyebrows are usually done once, with a follow-up visit. Experienced tattoo artists can match the color of the eyebrows and hair of the customer, and can control the depth of the needle to control the coloring of the eyebrows. However, the absorption of pigments by customers is different, and the needle operation method is different, resulting in the color of the eyebrows in the later stage will be darker than expected, and the customers are not satisfied and require the color to be lighter. At this time, many people are dumbfounded. What should I do if my eyebrows are darker?

What should I do if my eyebrows are darker? First of all, this kind of situation must be prevention. The eyebrows are generally divided into two stages. The first stage is design and operation; the second stage is follow-up and color supplementation. In order to avoid the color being too dark to the greatest extent, when the tattoo artist performs the first operation on the customer, the color must be light rather than dark, the needle must be light, and the color selected is 1 lower than the customer's own eyebrow hair. - 2 color systems, if the flowers that need to be deepened after repairing in the later stage can be deepened on the color, you can also control the coloring and the saturation of the color from the needle method.

If the eyebrows are darker within 24 hours after the operation, you can immediately use a toothpick to smear the skin on the operation area to break down the plain color and make the color lighter.

The third situation is that the eyebrows have been repaired after the operation. If the customer thinks that the color of the eyebrows is too dark and asks for treatment, at this time, it can be suggested to the customer to use two methods. The first is to use white vinegar: The ratio of water u003d 1:2 is applied to the operation area and massaged, once in the morning and once in the evening, and there will be obvious results after a week. At the same time, you can also use a whitening cream or a freckle cream to apply to the darker parts to help fade the color.

It must be noted that if this happens, do not cover it with khaki, white and other colors to avoid chemical reactions, resulting in mixed color eyebrows, which look messy and cannot be removed by laser.

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