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Embroiderers talk about the personalized aesthetic design of tattooed eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-04-21

Eyebrows beautify people's appearance and express people's emotions. There are very rich topics. As a technique and art of tattooing, eyebrow tattooing can not only make up for the defects of eyebrow shape, but also can be used by beauticians. According to the wishes of the beautician, the eyebrows that conform to the personality of the beautician are designed, so it can beautify and change the eyebrow shape full of the beautician's personality, which is one of the most complicated and delicate design projects in the beauty culture. It also contains a deep cultural connotation of beauticians. 1. Personalized design of eyebrow shape from an aesthetic point of view: 1. Observe the personality of the operator, and design the temperament positioning: People have complex psychological and personality characteristics, and the personality characteristics of beauty seekers are affected by factors such as age, education level, occupation, etc. , First of all, according to the personality and temperament of the beauty seeker, pursue the changes in the eyebrow shape, do not blindly pursue the sameness and perfection, design the most suitable shape for her and best set off her beautiful temperament, and reflect her softness with the greatest willingness. , demure, dynamic, mature, childish, luxurious, generous and other personalized eyebrows with different personality characteristics. Beauticians must also master the basis of aesthetics of most people in order to demonstrate the unique aesthetic ability, psychological factors and aesthetic skills of beauticians. 2. Design according to face shape: It is necessary to design a personalized eyebrow shape that is recognized by beauticians and beauticians. On the basis of grasping the aesthetics of most people, we must follow the principle of the proportion of eyebrow shape in facial shape and facial features, and at the same time pay attention to observe the defects of the operator's existing eyebrow shape, such as whether the height, length, thickness are symmetrical, and the nose. , eye, lip coordination and so on. At the same time, it can make up for the shortcomings and make up for the shortcomings, reflecting the coordination role of the eyebrows in the face. For example, people with round faces tend to raise their eyebrows to make the face appear slender and elongated, and achieve the effect of stretching the facial features. People with a rectangular face should have horizontal eyebrows to shorten and ease the length of the face. People with a square face should have round eyebrows, with tall and soft eyebrows to ease the angular lines of the face. Triangular because of large cheeks and small forehead, with many lines and round eyebrows. For example, a triangular face should be considered to shrink the forehead and should have curved eyebrows. 3 Design positioning according to popular fashion and the trend of the times: The development of eyebrow shape not only contains rich political and cultural background, but also has the beauty of fashion in different times. When we carry out personalized aesthetic design, we should also pay attention to accepting different aesthetic trends in a certain period. The influence of the tendency, but it should not be exaggerated to design a personalized fashion eyebrow shape for beauticians based on the basic conditions of the original eyebrow shape. For example, the aboriginal leaders in ancient times used heavy and colorful upside down eyebrows to show their identity as ferocious leaders. Women in the feudal era used eyebrows 'as thin as willow silk and curved like the moon' to express women's charm and tenderness. A gentle image like water.

During the Cultural Revolution, people worshipped a kind of simple beauty. Women did not wear makeup in their lives, and were often not armed with red clothes. They showed the mighty revolutionary spirit with thick eyebrows.

After the reform and opening up in the 1980s; with the emancipation of the mind, people dress up as they want to express their individuality, emphasize themselves, and the development of eyebrows is also colorful, such as women's flat eyebrows, and people with a sense of intimacy. , Curved eyebrows are suitable for fashionable women, showing more women's skillful and charming, angled eyebrows, more giving people a keen and ideal feeling, more suitable for professional women, but also highlighting women's independent sense of competition, men's thick eyebrows, Sword eyebrows, 'one-word eyebrowsIn a word, the popularity of an eyebrow shape not only reflects the cultural connotation and aesthetic consciousness of a nation in different eras and strata, but also reflects the political, cultural, and economic background of different eras. However, we must also realize that the changes of eyebrow shape are endless, and the aesthetic consciousness of beauticians is needed to achieve the real beauty. 1. Talking about the design of personalized eyebrow tattoos from a medical point of view Adjust the dosage, and then design a personalized eyebrow color that suits age, occupation and temperament. For young women with fair complexion, choose a lively and soft light brown to show a ruddy complexion and highlight the delicateness of a girl. Youth can also choose light brown and natural colors to show dignified and elegant. Young and middle-aged people with dark-yellow skin mostly choose dark gray and light brown, with cream-like bright colors to increase the beauty of the skin. In addition, the skin is not white paper. After various colorants of different textures enter different levels of anatomical tissue, there will be color changes. Base pigments such as black, grey, and brown can very subtly manifest pathologically in different skin tissues - changing into other excessive shades. Therefore, mastering the depth of tattooing and the tattooing technique is also an important step in the personalized aesthetic design of eyebrow color modeling. In addition, pay attention to observe the natural shape of eyebrow color under the color changes of the eyebrows. In the same color spectrum, the upper eyebrows are mostly shallow, the lower eyebrows are deep, the eyebrows and eyebrows are shallow, and the eyebrows and waist are deep. Whether it is using hard pen, soft pen and soft embroidery, it mostly reflects the cross operation of the needle heavy and the needle lifting lightly, and the real dynamic beauty of eyebrow shape and color is tattooed with the three-dimensional sense of sketching. In addition to color matching according to skin color, the influence of different skin properties on coloring should also be considered. For example, thick and greasy skin should not be colored, and delicate dry skin is easy to be colored.

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