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Embroidery pigment factory: The pigment is always not colored, the color difference is left, and the color is blue and red, what is going on?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-29

Do you have the following problems with the tattoo pigments you use: The eyebrows are always not colored? The color cannot be retained after the eyebrows are tattooed? The eyebrows start to turn blue and red after 3 months of tattooing?……

When encountering the above color material problems, the best solution is to change the color material quickly! Change the color material! Change the color material! Say the important things three times!

Tattoo pigments are the soul of technology. Especially in recent years, the tattoo industry has developed rapidly. A large number of tattoo brands have emerged, and many tattoo artists have also encountered problems.“choice syndrome”, imported, domestic, plant, organic, inorganic, containing repair factors, water, paste, milk, powder...

Embroiderers are often puzzled. How to choose? From the grinding process of pigments and the state of formation, they are generally divided into four types: liquid pigments, milky pigments, paste pigments, and powdery pigments. Pigment.

1. The liquid colorant is water-like, with strong fluidity and strong permeability, and the color is generally a single color rather than a harmonious color. Liquid colorants are suitable for machine operation and coloring large areas, such as lips and small tattoos.

2. Milky pigments are widely used in machine-operated eyebrows and eyeliners, with weak fluidity and low permeability. They are suitable for manual operation of eyebrows and form effective coloring.

3. The density of paste pigment particles is relatively high, there is no flow, and no permeability, but it does not mean that all paste pigments should be rough. The smoother and more delicate the surface of the paste-like pigment, the finer the production process, and the better the sensory and initial coloring effect.

4. Powdered pigments are all granular, and their coloring principle is mainly to assist the stabilization of milky pigments or paste pigments, and to protect and absorb oil and water on the eyebrow surface.

The selection of raw material types and quality is an important link that affects the safety, efficacy and quality of tattoo pigments, and is also the key to determining the cost.

Its brand Ames premium concentrated pigment is the best choice to solve the problem of not coloring and leaving color difference. It has the following seven advantages:

1. Ultra-concentrated nano-small molecule plant colorant, one drop at a time;

2. Strictly use plant raw materials in the AOC planting area, extract pure plant pigments layer by layer, and blend through 25 advanced processes, the pigments are delicate and smooth, green and safe;

3. Small molecules are easy to absorb, long-lasting color retention to prevent later discoloration problems;

4. The product has been registered by the European CPNP department, and has been verified by the Swiss SGS, the US FDA, the National Light Industry Quality Inspection Bureau and other domestic and foreign institutions, and the quality is guaranteed;

5. Super strong adsorption force, make the skin color fast and keep the color longer;

6. The ingredients are naturally free of heavy metals, so you can use them more safely;

7. Medical beauty grade sterile packaging, simple and elegant appearance, has become the first choice of many tattoo artists.

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