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Embroidery pigment manufacturer: For the first eyebrow tattoo, is it better to do fog eyebrows or line eyebrows? How to choose?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-19

The first eyebrow tattoo, is it better to have a mist eyebrow or a line eyebrow? Many girls who are exposed to tattoo eyebrows for the first time will face a choice: what kind of eyebrows do you want? Mist eyebrow or line eyebrow? How to choose?

Eyebrows are the first of the five senses. We often say that whether a person is good-looking or not is determined by the five senses, and whether a person is good-looking must be determined by the ratio between her three courts and five eyes. The eyebrows are the only one that can change the proportion of the upper court and the atrium by fine-tuning the eyebrow shape.

To say what kind of eyebrows are the most popular now, fog eyebrows are definitely the most popular. Why are fog eyebrows so popular? Because the effect of fog eyebrows is really good, a pair of lifelike fog eyebrows will not only make you instantly reduce your age, but also become fashionable.

Fog eyebrow is one of the main eyebrow shapes for semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. It pursues the feeling that the eyebrows are swept like an eyebrow powder. Loved by beautiful female friends.

The operation level of fog eyebrows is very shallow, there will be no allergic reaction, and there is no change in pigment, and the pigment will disappear naturally with the metabolism of the human body. This is one advantage of foggy brows. In recent years, foggy eyebrows have become a fashion sought after by girls. There is also a saying in the beauty industry: eyebrows determine temperament, and foggy eyebrows have no temperament.

Line eyebrows, commonly known as artificial eyebrows: just like real hair, the effect is one by one, with distinct layers, clear fluff, smooth lines and strong three-dimensional sense, and it is impossible to see that the eyebrows are tattooed. The operation of line eyebrows is complicated, and he needs the tattoo artist to have a deep understanding of the eyebrow structure, eyebrow trend and facial aesthetics. The tools and skills are also more demanding. Now the customer group is getting younger and younger, and more people will choose the line eyebrows that simulate the natural hair feeling.

Whether it is a fog eyebrow or a line eyebrow, the most important thing is the shape and color. A good-looking eyebrow line pays attention to shape, color and rhythm.

It has a good-looking standard, fits the orbital structure, and conforms to the full-flexible/rigid-flexible standard. The standard of good-looking color, the overall color has a sense of hair flow and convergence, and a single hair has a texture.

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