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Encyclopedia of tattoos and eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-04-17

Beauties with 'defective' eyebrows usually choose eyebrow tattoos to make up for their lack of eyebrows. After all, crescent-like eyebrows are every woman's dream, so how much do you know about eyebrow tattooing? It is very important to choose a color and shape that suits you, because once the tattoo is applied, it will not fade in the wind and the sun. However, with the growth of age and psychological maturity, the aesthetics will also change. The eyebrow shape, eyeliner and lip color that you liked when you were young may become disliked after a period of time. Dissatisfied with the color of the shape, it is not easy to modify or remove it. Because the eyebrow tattoo liquid reaches at least the dermal papilla layer, if this layer of skin is completely removed, it is bound to leave scars, and it will inevitably be a bit 'disfigured'. At present, the eyebrow washing technique used by beauticians in various places is mainly chemical corrosion method. It turns white when chemically stimulated, scabs fall off after a few days, and the color fades. Regrettably, this eyebrow-washing method, which is chemically burned into a wound, is extremely ineffective. If the medicine is applied too little, the color often fades incompletely, and if it is applied too much, it will leave scars, so it is extremely difficult to master. Especially if the eyebrows are too deeply tattooed, it is almost futile to wash the eyebrows. Other methods, such as skin scrubbing, electrocautery, and laser burns, have similar curative effects to chemical corrosion methods, which are not ideal. Therefore, women who plan to tattoo eyebrows for beauty must choose an excellent eyebrow tattoo artist or cosmetic plastic surgeon for repeated consultation and discussion. It should also be approved by friends and relatives. The eyebrows should not be too long or too wide, the eyeliner should not be too thick, the color should not be too thick or too dark, and the color of the lips should not be too red. Before deciding to tattoo your eyebrows, you must choose the type of eyebrows that suits you, otherwise it will be very difficult to remove them once you have tattooed your eyebrows. Embroidery is not a simple operation of one needle and one stab, but it has considerable complexity and skill. Therefore, practitioners must have good professional ethics, which are embodied in the following aspects: 1. Tattoos require meticulous work. manner. Tattoo beauty is permanent and has certain risks. A little lack of concentration or a little carelessness will affect the quality and even cause accidents. A meticulous work attitude is the guarantee of quality. 2. Embroidery requires superb professional skills, which is the foundation of embroidery. Exquisite skills come from the training of basic skills, and only those who have solid basic skills can use them easily. 3. The shape that varies from person to person means that tattoo beauty is a process of shaping and beautifying a person's image. The beauty of tattoos stems from whether the shape conforms to the characteristics and personality of the individual. Giving different modeling effects to different people according to aesthetic principles is an important factor in shaping beauty. 4. Strict sanitation and disinfection. Tattoos are carried out on human skin and must be strictly sterilized before the operation. Including: disinfection of beautician's hands and tattooed parts; use of disposable needles or high-temperature and high-pressure disinfection; 1 sterile cotton sheet for 1 person; 1 medicinal solution for 1 person; The tools must be wiped with alcohol cotton. 5. Kind and gentle attitude. Due to the particularity of tattoo cosmetology, it will make the recipient more or less nervous and contradictory. The beautician's kind and gentle attitude is the best sedative for the recipient, which can give people a sense of comfort. 6. Embroidery is a combination of artistry and science, reflecting superb skills, complex operation, and risky operation skills. This is the true meaning of tattooing. Basic knowledge of tattooing 1. The process of sterilizing tattooing is to directly pierce the skin and inject pigments, so as a qualified beautician, you should have a strict concept of disinfection and hygiene The equipment on the skin of the customer must be disinfected, and the tattoo needles should be guaranteed to be one needle per person. Disposable disinfection and sterilization supplies are used to prevent cross-infection. 2. Hygiene of the beauty environment: There are various pathogenic and harmful microorganisms growing in the external environment, so it is necessary to keep the operating environment clean and hygienic, with air circulation, and regular aseptic disinfection. 3. Disinfect the skin of the tattooed part of the customer. 4. Aseptic operation of the beautician: The beautician should clean the hands and then put on sterile gloves. Once the sterile items or hands are sterilized, these places should be regarded as sterile areas, which can only be touched in the sterile area during the operation and maintained until the cosmetic operation is completed. 5. The effect of medical cosmetology is not good, which may be related to the failure of disinfection and sterilization. It should be clarified and tried to remedy. 2. Coloring skills 1. Block processing When doing the coloring of the entire lip surface, the upper and lower lip surfaces are divided into four areas. Each area can be divided into 2-3 blocks according to the number of eyebrow tattooing needles. Seriously and thinly pattern each piece, and then proceed to the next piece. Note: Before making the next piece, be sure to suck out the liquid in the needle cap and re-stain the coloring material to ensure the coloring effect. When making lip lines, segmental treatment should be adopted, that is, the lip lines should be divided into several sections, and the needles should be moved section by section. When making lip lines, the coloring material should also be applied frequently to ensure smooth flow of color. In case of bleeding or color If the material is piled up, avoid this place, and make up the needle when you do the next coloring.

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