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Every woman has a perfect lip shape, super detailed lip color changing teaching, tattooed rosy lips

by:Qinmei     2023-05-14

Sisters, do we all want to have girly lips, which are naturally transparent and shiny? Then how can we have it. As we grow older, due to physical, living habits and other reasons, our lips will show various undesirable colors. Under normal circumstances, we use lipstick to cover up. Fortunately, the advanced semi-permanent technology is slowly allowing us to look glamorous even when we are in a full-face state.

There are many problematic lips, but they can be distinguished from the color:

1. Cool colors

2. Warm colors

Relatively speaking, warm colors look better than cool ones. The operation of cool colors is also more difficult, and even requires more operations. In order to better repair the lip color, we need to distinguish the color of the lips more carefully.

1. Cold black lips: There is a lot of melanin in the skin of the lips, and the local feeling is blue, so the color is dark and purple. Generally, people who smoke and drink for a long time are the easiest to form, and there are people in areas where ultraviolet rays are particularly strong.

2. Warm black lips: The lips contain too much melanin and red pigment, which leads to darker lip color. General body metabolism, stay up late at night to form. The above two kinds belong to unsightly lip color, and there are white lips and healthy lips, which belong to the good-looking and easy-to-solve series.

The following is the knowledge sharing of lip color change:

The vast majority of technical teachers will only use orange to change the lip color, which is simple and rough but effective. But it is only effective, cool black lips: use pink and white to operate first, and then continue to operate the second time after seeing the effect. Then start to operate the target color, the target color must use warm colors, and then add bright yellow.

For warm-colored black lips, use white as the color transfer, do the same technique twice, and then use the target color. Target color: How to adjust the target color.

1. All target colors must be mainly orange

2. The color of the wet lip area of ​​the inner lip must be darker

3. The inner lip area and the outer lip transition area, natural color ➕ orange is enough

4. Use orange for the outer lip

Lip color is the one that can best highlight personal temperament, ruddy lip color can give people a feeling of vigor and vitality. Even without makeup and lipstick, you can be more energetic. If you have any difficulties when getting lip tattoos, you can comment or private message me.

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