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Experience sharing of eyebrow tattooing, 5 eyebrow tattooing knowledge you want to know, and you will never step on the pit again after reading eyebrow tattooing

by:Qinmei     2023-05-13

Let me share with you five questions about eyebrow tattoos

1 Why tattoo eyebrows?

Many girls have been unable to draw their own eyebrows well, and some girls are born with lighter eyebrows or lack of eyebrows. If I go out every day, I always draw my eyebrows, so it's better to get an eyebrow tattooed directly.

2. How long does the eyebrow tattoo last?

This problem is related to the following factors

①Skin type: Dry skin will last longer if it is dry, while oily skin will fade a little faster

②Color replenishment: Generally, the color can be replenished within 1 or 2 years. The durability of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos cannot be done once and for all. 2 years is almost the time limit.

3 Do eyebrow tattoos hurt?

Before eyebrow tattooing, a thick layer of anesthetic will be applied on the eyebrows, which basically feels nothing, but because the eyebrow tattoo will last for about half an hour, there will be a little tingling after the effect of the anesthetic wears off, so apply it again at this time Narcotics are fine.

4How to choose eyebrow color?

I suggest that you go directly to the eyebrow tattoo artist to adjust it for you. No matter how much you read online, it is not as intuitive as painting on your face. Before the eyebrow tattoo, I will draw it for you. If you are not satisfied, you must ask the eyebrow tattoo artist to adjust the eyebrow shape until you are satisfied. Don't be shy, just say what you have.

5 eyebrow tattoo types

Fog eyebrows, cost-effective. There are also line eyebrows and silk mist eyebrows. The effects and prices of each eyebrow shape are different. This suggestion is to make the one you like the most within the budget.

The hot summer is especially suitable for eyebrow tattooing, no smudged makeup, no makeup removal, water sports and outdoor sports are free to participate in, the joy from summer is no less, and there are always a bunch of three-dimensional and beautiful eyebrows. Moreover, eyebrow tattooing is a time-saving, labor-saving, and money-saving project, and it can improve the appearance and temperament. What reason is there not to arrange eyebrow tattooing this summer?

If you have any questions and suggestions, welcome to share in the comment area, share the knowledge of semi-permanent eyebrows, eyes and lips every day, and welcome everyone to follow me.

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