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eyebrow design password for different face shapes

by:Qinmei     2022-05-11

Good morning to all family members, the editor is meeting you again. Today, I would like to remind you that the fourth issue of 'Interview with Artistic Embroiderers' in the afternoon will be held as scheduled. Teachers who want to learn and communicate should plan ahead Make time. So, without further ado, let's get into today's study. We all know that there are no best looking brows, only the most suitable ones. Therefore, to judge an elite tattoo artist, not only her lines, but also her eyebrow design. I believe our family has had many customers and seen all kinds of different face shapes. Mr. Dai Zhe, the executive director of the International Tattoo Academy, summed up the face shapes into nine types: the national character face, the long face, the oval face, the round face, the heart-shaped face, the triangular face, the inverted triangle face, and the diamond face. , square face. Today, the editor wants to share with you the representative stars of the three face types, and the simple eyebrow design precautions. Chinese character face (representing star: Andy Lau): sharp edges and corners, the overall shape of a star rectangle, majesty lacks softness. It is recommended to increase the softness of the eyebrows and slightly increase the arc, preferably Korean natural eyebrows. Round face (representative star: Ariel Lin): A very festive and lovely face, with excellent softness, but too ordinary. If the eyebrow design wants to be eye-catching, it should slightly highlight the edges and corners of the eyebrow peak and eyebrow tail, and the line can also be straightened to enhance the eye-catching in the soft beauty. Inverted triangular face (representative star: Zhou Xun): Also known as the melon face, the ancient beauty represents the face shape, and it is very lovable. The inverted triangular face is relatively easy to apply makeup, and the eyebrows are mainly natural and soft. When necessary, with the cooperation of eye and lip makeup, it can be instantly transformed into other types of beauties.

There are nine face shapes, with different eyebrow shapes!

One: round face, with more 'baby face' that is visual sense, round face lines, charming and innocent temperament. 1. It is suitable for raised eyebrows or curved eyebrows, so as to lengthen the visual effect of the face and modify the face shape; 2. It is not suitable for straight, short, thick eyebrows and thin eyebrows with curved arches. 3. The end of the eyebrow should be higher than the head of the eyebrow; the peak of the eyebrow should be close to the outer 1/3 of the eyebrow, and the shape should not be sharp, but slightly raised; the distance between the eyebrows is slightly closer. Two: The width of the square face, cheekbones, and jaw is basically the same. 1. Suitable for raised thick eyebrows 2. Not suitable for straight thin short eyebrows, it will make the face look big and square. 3. The distance between eyebrows should not be too narrow. The brows are slightly thick. The eyebrow peak is at 1/2 of the eyebrow, and the angle of the eyebrow peak is round and soft, which can properly lengthen the face effect and ease the angular facial lines. Three: The oval face, also called the oval face, is the standard face shape. 1. In theory, it is suitable for any brow shape, especially the brow shape with a slight curve in the soft middle and rounded brow peaks. 2. The eyebrows are perpendicular to the inner corner of the eyes, the eyebrows and eyebrows are on the same horizontal line, and the eyebrow peak is preferably 2/3 of the eyebrows. Four: Heart-shaped face, also known as apple face. 1. Suitable for flat eyebrows or slightly curved eyebrows 2. Because the forehead is wider, it is not suitable for exaggerated eyebrows, slightly thicker flat eyebrows or round and soft curved eyebrows can visually narrow the width of the forehead . There are nine types of face shapes, with different eyebrow shapes!

Five: Long face 1. Suitable for long, straight Korean-style flat eyebrows with a little radian, or thick and short one-word eyebrows. 2. The peak of the eyebrow starts at 2/3 of the eyebrow, as flat as possible, and the distance between the eyebrows can be slightly widened. 3. Straight eyebrows can divert attention from the length of the face, relax the face shape, and modify the face shape. 4. It is not suitable for eyebrows that are too curved and slender. Too high eyebrows will cause the face to be longer visually. Six: Awl face is an inverted triangular face. 1. It is suitable for softer and thicker flat eyebrows. The eyebrows are slightly curved to make the forehead appear narrower, so as to shorten the length of the face and highlight the pointed chin. 2. The eyebrows are parallel to the eyebrows. The eyebrow shape can be slightly thin, but the distance between the eyebrows should not be too wide. 3. The eyebrow peaks should not be too obvious to neutralize the sharpness brought by the face shape. (Conversely, you can increase the sharpness of the eyebrow shape to strengthen the domineering demeanor brought by the face shape) Seven: Diamond-shaped face 1. The forehead is narrow and the cheekbones are the widest part of the whole face, which is suitable for slender eyebrows. The lines are straight and natural, and should not be too thick. 2. The distance between the eyebrows should not be too narrow. The peaks of the eyebrows should be as close as possible to the outside, preferably at 2/3 of the eyebrows. The eyebrows are slightly thicker to make the face more delicate. 3. The eyebrow shape of the diamond-shaped face focuses on expanding the visual effect of the forehead and modifying the face shape. Eight: Triangular face 1. Suitable for long eyebrows, the eyebrows should be generous, otherwise it will emphasize the wide jaw angle. 2. The eyebrows should not be too thick, the distance between the eyebrows should not be too narrow, and the eyebrows should be slightly thicker. Nine: Irregular-shaped face For those who have a more capricious face shape, the eyebrow shape can be played at will. Which kind of eyebrows you want to paint, you're happy: . Note: In reality, most faces are a combination of two or more face shapes. The actual eyebrow shape can be flexibly adjusted according to the standard, and the length, radian, eyebrow peak position, etc. can be adjusted appropriately, so as to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses. There are nine types of face shapes. Different!

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