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Eyebrow Design Tips for Rescuing Long Faces Shortening Atrium Eyebrow Designs

by:Qinmei     2022-11-29

Many tattoo artists are a bit at a loss when they come into contact with customers with long faces. In particular, the atrium is too long, the distance between the eyebrows is not easy to control, and the eyebrow shape should not be picky at all. The Korean unibrow eyebrows in the past are gradually falling out of favor, which is difficult for all tattoo artists. Today, the editor aims to save the long face, and share with you the eyebrow shape design skills for the long face!

Long face is not suitable for eyebrow shape

Eyebrows that are too short in length, with eyebrow peaks that are too forward, the overall effect is too dull and old-fashioned, and it is easy to highlight the defects of a long face. The most taboo of the face shape of the atrium chief is to raise the eyebrows, the eyebrows that are too raised will lengthen the distance from the eyes, and visually highlight the disadvantages of the atrium chief.

Best eyebrow shape for long face

In fact, for long faces, flat eyebrows are generally accepted as the most suitable eyebrow shape. If the atrium is longer, you can properly move the eyebrows down to make the atrium shorter. Slightly lower the brow. When designing the customer's brow shape, the brow should be slightly lowered. Appropriately widen the distance between eyebrows and eyes, otherwise close eyebrows + long face will be the standard for aging.

Standard eyebrows can be said to be versatile eyebrows. Many novice tattoo artists do not know how to adapt and always use the same eyebrow angle. In fact, standard eyebrows can be slightly coordinated according to different situations.

For example, in a long face with an overly long atrium, the peak of the brow is only slightly higher than the head of the brow, and the overall shape appears to rise gently, and the peak of the brow falls in a natural arc from the end of the brow.

Arc-shaped wild eyebrows are very popular in Japan. The overall feeling is that there is no eyebrow peak, only ups and downs

Neither flat eyebrows nor raised eyebrows

The eyebrow shape is more rounded rather than sharp and sharp

The tail of the eyebrows will not be stretched very long, just slightly over the corner of the eyes

This kind of eyebrow shape plus the furry feeling of wild eyebrows will look softer and more natural, neutralizing the long face and giving people a mature and powerful feeling. It's so soft!

In fact, for customers, they don't have a deep understanding of your eyebrow tattooing technique, but when it comes to eyebrow shape, customers always have the most intuitive feeling of good and bad. Therefore, the editor strongly recommends that when tattoo artists are learning techniques, they must not forget that design is always the root!

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