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eyebrow design

by:Qinmei     2023-05-14

Today I would like to share with you some issues about eyebrow shape design that are easily overlooked but need special attention. I believe that after reading my sharing, your aesthetics of eyebrow shape can be greatly improved.

Parallel lines: From the top of the eyebrow to the peak of the eyebrow, and from the bottom of the eyebrow to the center of the eyebrow, do not draw two parallel lines. If you draw such parallel lines, the eyebrow shape will appear rigid.

We can use a ruler to measure the position from the upper eyebrow to the lower eyebrow and from the eyebrow peak to the center of the eyebrow. We can clearly see that the width of the upper and lower eyebrows is different from the width from the eyebrow peak to the center of the eyebrow, so we can draw a conclusion: Ms. The widest part of the eyebrows is at the brow, so when we draw, we must consciously draw the width of the brow slightly wider than the position from the peak of the eyebrow to the center of the brow. Remember that it is slightly wider. Don’t draw it like this, just right.

Big belly: As the name suggests, a big belly means that the shape of your eyebrows does not draw the eyebrow peaks. The position of the eyebrow peaks is drawn like a beer belly, round and bulging. You must know that if you want to draw eyebrows with style and temperament, you must have eyebrow peaks. If you even have eyebrow peaks How come there is no eyebrow shape?

Many people here may say that my customers don't like eyebrows with peaked eyebrows, but as far as I know, it's usually because you drew the peaked eyebrows like this, would you like it if it were you? The spirit of the eyebrows is mainly expressed by the eyebrow peaks. The eyebrow peaks must be present, but some are right and some are just right.

The center of the eyebrows: This is also the main culprit of many makeup artists’ unsightly eyebrow shapes. We must remember that the center of the eyebrows and the peak of the eyebrows complement each other. The center of the eyebrows determines whether the eyebrow design has temperament and whether it can enhance the face. The direction of the eyebrows is particularly important. If you raise the peak of the eyebrows, you must raise the center of the eyebrows (except for men's eyebrows).

Neat and smooth: The border of the eyebrows must be drawn neatly and smoothly. Be careful when drawing, and don't draw the border in uneven, undulating waves. It's too unprofessional like this.

As a profession that deals with beauty, aesthetics is the most important thing. It is necessary to know what kind of aesthetics attracts what kind of customers. If you have any questions, sisters can leave a message in the comment area, and everyone is welcome to follow me.

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