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Eyebrow tattoos, these 3 kinds of people are not allowed to do it

by:Qinmei     2023-05-12

Eyebrow tattoos are not magic and will not make you a star, but it can be a starting point for you to find your own style as a clean and decent social person, making you a little more beautiful and confident than before .

1. It is not suitable for the same type of eyebrows to become a star once you think about it

Everyone's eyebrow shape is different, and the one that suits you is the best. The semi-permanent tattoo artist will choose the eyebrow shape according to your three courts and five eyes, instead of blindly following the trend. Moreover, semi-permanent eyebrows require secondary coloring and careful maintenance to achieve perfect results!

2. It is not suitable for those who dislike expensive prices and want to be greedy for cheap

The environment is hygienic, and eyebrow tattooing in such an environment is not easy to be infected, and all the eyebrow tattooing utensils are disposable. Plant pigments are used, which can be absorbed and metabolized by the skin. Compared with industrial pigments, eyebrow tattoos are safer and more assured! The teacher will design the eyebrow shape for you instead of applying it mechanically to your face. The teacher is professional and takes your feelings and suggestions into consideration throughout the process. Those roadside shops that have eyebrow tattoos with nail art, choose the eyebrow shape and apply the tattoo directly without making any adjustments.

3. It is not suitable to follow the opinions of others

Refuse to be kidnapped by aesthetics. It is difficult to achieve. The tattoo artist hopes that your beauty is the result of our analysis of your own conditions and the understanding of fashion aesthetics, not because your husband likes flat eyebrows, your boyfriend likes European and American eyebrows, and your best friend thinks I am suitable for Wan Wanmei.' I don't want them to think, I want you to think!

A pair of good-looking eyebrows is important, but also unimportant. Good-looking eyebrows can really add a lot to your appearance and temperament, and add color to your style. But the most important thing is the self-confidence and confidence in the heart, that is, you feel that you are worthy from the bottom of your heart, you have this style, and you have enough confidence to hold the appearance you choose.

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