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Good products look at the ingredients, and the ingredients are the key to determining the quality.

by:Qinmei     2022-10-25
style='padding: 0 0 30px;'> A good product looks at the ingredients, and the ingredients are the key to determining the quality. This is also the reason why some protective creams are as cheap as 9.9 yuan for free shipping, and some are as expensive as more than 100 or more than 200 yuan.

The most trustworthy thing about the big white bottle is that it insists on using the most effective ingredients, casting effects with ingredients, and quickly achieving skin repairing effects.

You must know that tattooing is a kind of micro-traumatic skin coloring, and the skin of our eyebrows, eyes, and lips is very thin, and tissue fluid is very easy to flow out during makeup setting, causing problems such as redness, swelling, and bleeding, especially for sensitive skin.

Once the tissue fluid flows out too much, is red and swollen, or has severe bleeding, it will cause pain during the operation, thick scabs later, difficult recovery, and color difference.

So, how does the all-in-one repair cream solve these tattoo problems?

Its secret is that it contains cocoa seed butter, which can easily soften the epidermis, quickly absorb tissue fluid, prevent scabs, achieve the effect of 0 scabs, and help the pigment to retain its color;

It also adds Egyptian chamomile essential oil, which has anti-allergic and soothing effects, can quickly repair sensitive skin and reduce the appearance of redness;

There are also mint and borneol that everyone is very familiar with. They have good redness and hemostasis, soothing and analgesic effects. They are one of the best ingredients to relieve swelling and pain during tattooing.

In addition to the above four ingredients, Ames large white bottle also added Vaseline, vitamin E,β- Glucan, trehalose and other ingredients can moisturize the skin, reduce dry itching and tingling after surgery, and improve customer experience in an all-round way.

In general, during the tattoo embroidery operation, if you operate it once and apply the full-effect protective ointment once, you are doing eyebrow/eye/lip repair while operating, which can better reduce the wound surface, reduce scabs, and help retain color. Not easy to redness.

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