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Good tattoo, make eyebrows natural

by:Qinmei     2022-05-04

A pair of divine eyes is like an autumn water, bright, clear, and divine. A pair of delicate eyebrows is like a canopy over the eyes, capturing the divine light and expressing affection. It's not easy to have beautiful eyebrows. If it is heavy, it will be stagnant; if it is light, it will be too dry; if it is long, it needs to have ups and downs; if it is short, it must be matched with spirit. The delicate balance among them is afraid that only the creator can master it, but 'Artsini EmbroideryWith superb skills and aesthetic attainments, ARTISTRY tattoos use micro-needles to lightly touch the skin without causing trauma or redness. Bing Jianyun: The eyebrows are still colored, and the color is reflected in the second. Nobles have three layers of color. 'Artistini Studio' can make different shades of brows, brow peaks and brow tips to form a 'three-layer colorLazy to draw crescent eyebrows, late makeup and grooming, repeated eyebrow drawing every day not only hurts the eyebrows, but also wastes time. We use pure natural plant colorants, which can be metabolized and absorbed by the skin, achieving a semi-permanent effect of 3-5 years, no fading, no dizziness, who said lazy women can't be beautiful women. The beautiful woman was silent, her eyebrows flirting; her eyes moved, her brows furrowed. Delicate eyebrows not only look good, but also make the eyebrows exude a more charming style. 'Yazini tattoo' is custom-designed according to factors such as face shape, facial features, age, personality, etc., so that you can have thousands of styles in every frown and smile. The joy of the boudoir, is it better than the thrush? The answer lies in 'YaziniHappy eyebrows, horizontal eyebrows, cold eyebrows, frowning, eyebrows dancing. A kind of tattoo, interpreting joys, sorrows and sorrows, and interpreting passionate life.

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