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Guidelines for tattooists to keep in mind

by:Qinmei     2022-04-20

Over the years, I have come into contact with many tattoo and embroidery technology teachers every day, some of them are in the factory (always changing jobs), some are in the shop, and some are in the 'cooperative shop, In fact, the business of tattoo and beauty industry is much better than other industries. Here are a few suggestions for you. 1: Learn to cultivate your own external appearance, and speak generously and decently 2: Don’t stay in the learning stage of a few years ago, and update the technology frequently (many teachers do not study further) 3: Teachers with good skills should pay attention, and technology also needs business 4: Strengthen the understanding of the guests, always speak from the perspective of the guests, that is the winner 5: The technical post-tracking service is essential (many people do not do post-tracking) 6: The guests If you need complementary colors, you must face it with a correct attitude, learn to take the initiative, don’t always put money in the front, and put technical follow-up first Essential 9: The professional terms of tattoo and beauty must be learned orally 10: The hygiene of the store must be maintained, and the psychology of the customers must be understood 11: The tattoo advertisements in the store are very important and must be clear and clean 12: Ask your students and employees to also Don't let customers pick out the ills 15: The price of technology should not be too low, it is necessary to understand that what the guests need is beauty, and the price is too low is not the way out 16: Learn to give small gifts, make friends with guests, the spread of guests is the best 17: Use professional products, To be disposable, clean and hygienic, so that guests can rest assured 18: The noise of the eyebrow tattoo machine should not be too loud, which will cause fear to the guests 19: The external pain reliever must be completely relieved, and the guests will have good works. 20: Learn to take part in any activity in the industry and communicate with your peers through activities 21: Don’t tell anyone in your peers that your skills are good, because you have to communicate and learn with others and learn to appreciate others’ Technology, remember that everyone can learn something you want (be a smart tattoo teacher) 22: The above is a personal concept. to constantly improve yourself.

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