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In addition to technical skills, tattoo artists also need to understand facial aesthetics

by:Qinmei     2022-04-21

As a tattoo artist, technique is very important, but inner knowledge is also very important. In addition to knowing how to operate tattoos, tattoo artists also need to learn the knowledge of facial aesthetics. Knowing facial aesthetics can not only improve their aesthetic quality and aesthetics, but also make it easier for customers to communicate with customers when they are negotiating. Create a sense of trust to help you close the deal quickly. Only when you are more professional can your customers publicly trust you.

How much do you know about the standards of facial aesthetics

Three Courts and Five Eyes Let's first talk about a few words we often hear. As we all know, the melon seed face and the goose egg face are the most beautiful faces, and they are the most in line with facial aesthetic standards, so what are the facial aesthetic standards?

From the visual aesthetics of the standard face shape, the ratio of the length to the width of the face is 1:0.618, which is also in line with the golden ratio. Therefore, 'three courts' and 'five eyes' are used as the aesthetic standards for matching facial features and face shapes. So what exactly are three courts and five eyes, and the following is a detailed explanation. [Three Courts] Upper Court: Distance from hairline to eyebrow Atrium: Distance from eyebrow to lower nose line Lower Court: Distance from lower nose line to chin

[Five Eyes] Left temple to the outside of the left eye The distance between the eyes and the outer side of the right eye and the right temple is called the five-eye distance.

The face with four high and three low faces has height and height in addition to the plane, so that it is more three-dimensional. In addition to the three courts and five eyes that everyone knows, facial aesthetics should also conform to the four highs and three lows. The four highs and three lows are the most clear in the profile of the head. Many celebrities have beautiful profile faces, that is, the high and low are orderly. This is also an important criterion for many women's micro-adjustment. So what are four highs and three bottoms?

[four highs] forehead, nose tip, lip beads, and chin tip [three lows] between the two eyes, the junction of the nose and forehead is concave above the lip beads, and the middle sulcus is concave The ditch in the middle of the person is deep, the ridge in the middle of the person is obvious, and there is a small depression under the lower lip.

A face that conforms to the aesthetic rules of 'three courts and five eyes' and 'four highs and three lows' is a good-looking and harmonious face. Many people in modern times In pursuit of these 8 words, plastic surgery hospitals and micro-surgery are also very popular times. If you add the beauty of the facial features and the beauty of the head and face, you are the real beauty. Women are those who please themselves. There is no natural beauty, but it can still be radiant after the day after tomorrow. Women always remember that the most expensive clothes are their skin and their appearance. As the creator of beauty, tattoo artist must master the knowledge of facial aesthetics, and create the beauty of exclusive customers from a professional aesthetic perspective, so that more beauty can be born from your hands. Everyone's beauty is different, we must be good at discovering the beauty of others.

How much do you know about creating these parts

Face shape, the emphasis is on harmony

The slap face has always been the most photogenic star face, which is why from Guazi The face of the net red awl face has been popular for a long time. The length and width ratio of an ideal melon seed face should be 1:0.618, which is the golden ratio recognized by the academic circles.

The angle of the mandible is not too wide, the cheekbones are moderate, and the tip of the nose, lips and chin are in a straight line to meet the beauty standard, so everyone must pay attention to changing the face shape is to create 'harmonious beautyPursue exaggeration of a certain part. The entire face must be harmonious, and the ultimate in single product cannot be pursued alone.

Brows, the focus is on the shape of the eyebrows. The tattooists who have studied physiognomy know that the end of the eyebrow should not be lower than the eyebrow. It can only be slightly higher or flat than the eyebrows, the eyebrows, eyebrows and eyebrows each occupy 1/3, and the eyebrow peaks occupy 1/3 from the eyebrows to the eyebrows. From the eyebrows to the eyebrows, the color is thin and thin. On the other hand, shallow, the eyebrows are dense and thick at the waist, the eyebrows are thin and light at the tail, and the upper part is solid and the lower part is empty. These are also some of the key points that we must focus on when we operate for customers. The beauty of the eyes is the real beauty. The key to the beauty of the eyes lies in the shape of the eyes, the size of the orbit, the length of the eyelid, the thickness of the eyelid, and the coordination with the entire face. The iris and pupil on the clean and clear white of the eye are vivid and black and white, so it is recommended that women who love beauty make one of the most popular color contact lenses. It can make the outline clearer and the eyelashes more plump, so as to achieve the effect of enhancing the brightness of the eyes, beautifying the outline of the eyes, and adding the charm of the eyes. The contact line is to beautify our contours, so it is essential to make the eyes look more energetic.

Nose, comprehensive shaping The shaping of the nose should integrate the proportions of the three courts and five eyes on the face, so as to determine the precise parameters such as the height, length, width, radian and angle of the nose, so as to achieve the four 'no'—— Not red, not crooked, not fake, not moving. It is very important to choose the nose shape that suits you.

More importantly, the nose, alar, and bridge of the nose should be coordinated with the entire face, which determines that rhinoplasty is a comprehensive 'comprehensive shapingIt's as simple as raising the bridge of your nose. And it is divided into sections. The materials of the nose and the back of the nose are different. You must choose the whole for yourself. Of course, the doctor's opinion is essential.

Lips, thick and thin

Generally, beautiful lips have thick lower lip and thin upper lip. Basically, the lower lip ratio is 8:13, and the mouth with obvious lip beads will be more beautiful .

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