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Indications and contraindications for eyebrow tattooing, eyeliner tattooing, and lip tattooing?

by:Qinmei     2022-04-30

Indications—Refers to the range of diseases that a drug or treatment can treat. The indications of tattooing are mainly divided into three types: eyebrow tattooing indications, eyeliner tattooing indications and lip tattooing indications. Contraindication - refers to a disease or condition that is not suitable for a certain treatment, or even harmful after use. The contraindications of tattooing are mainly divided into three types: contraindications for eyebrow tattooing, contraindications to tattooing eyeliner and contraindications to tattooing lips. Indications and contraindications of tattooed eyeliner Although the tattooed eyeliner is a good cosmetic method for tattooing, the tattooed eyeliner also has its corresponding indications and contraindications. 1. Indications for tattooed eyeliner: 1. Those with sparse eyelashes, pale eyelid margins, and dull eyes 2. Those with double eyelids 3. Those with long-term contact lenses The double eyelid surgery is too wide and cannot be recovered for a long time. 6. There are related occupational needs or personal hobbyists. 7. The general age of beauty seekers who require eyeliner tattoos should be over 18 years old. 2. Contraindications for eyeliner tattoos: 1. People with eye diseases, especially blepharitis or other inflammatory conditions. 2. Those with inversion or valgus of the eyelids, obvious bulging of the eyeball, loose or obvious upper eyelid skin, and drooping or obvious eye bags. 3. Those with skin diseases, infectious diseases (hepatitis, AIDS) 4. Those with scar constitution or allergic constitution 5. Those with abnormal mental state 6. Those with high expectations or unrealistic requirements Indecision and insufficient psychological preparation should be listed as temporary contraindications 8. For those with single eyelids, the tattoo artist should advise them to do double eyelid surgery first, and then tattoo eyeliner

Indications and contraindications Eyebrow tattooing is the most common tattooing technique. It can beautify the eyebrow shape and save the time of drawing and thrushing eyebrows every day. It is very popular among modern women. The indications for eyebrow tattooing mainly include the following aspects: 1. The eyebrows are sparse and scattered as a whole 2. The eyebrows are light on both sides 3. The natural eyebrows are incomplete, such as broken eyebrows, half eyebrows 4. Dissatisfied with their own eyebrow shape 5. Those with asymmetrical bilateral eyebrows 6. Those with eyebrow defects and scars caused by trauma 7. Those with white or falling eyebrows caused by certain diseases 8. Those with occupational needs or beauty enthusiasts 9. No makeup or Although eyebrow tattoos are good for those who don't want to make up, they are not suitable for everyone. Its contraindications mainly include the following aspects: 1. People with inflammation, rash or allergy on the eyebrow skin 2. People with recent trauma to the eyebrows 3. People with infectious skin diseases 4. People with scar system or allergic constitution 5. Those who are mentally and emotionally unhealthy 6. Those who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease 7. Those who have facial palsy 8. Those who are hesitant about tattooing and whose relatives do not agree should be listed as temporary contraindications Indications and contraindications Lip tattooing (lip tattooing, lip piercing) is one of the 'three tattoos' in the beauty of tattooing. Lip tattoo can not only improve lip color, but also improve lip shape, it is one of the best choices for lasting beauty for beauty lovers. In previous articles, we pointed out that eyebrow tattooing and eyeliner tattooing have certain indications and contraindications, and lip tattooing is no exception.

1. Indications for lip tattooing 1. Those with irregular, inconspicuous and asymmetrical edges of the vermilion. Note that the tattoo artist should treat the situation where only lip line is required; 2. Those with unsatisfactory lip shape; 3. Those with poor lip color, such as black lips, black lips, white lips and flower lips; 4. Lips Those with scars after plastic surgery.

II. Contraindications for lip tattooing 1. Patients with lip diseases, such as labial herpes or perioral dermatitis; 3. People with fever, cold, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc.; 4. People with unsteady will to tattoo or with abnormal psychological conditions; 5. People with unrealistic expectations; 6. Women during menstruation It is also not suitable for lip tattooing during pregnancy.

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