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Introduction and usage of tattoo pigments

by:Qinmei     2022-08-19

There are many brand owners in the beauty industry who did not know much about the composition and process of pmu tattoo pigments when they first came into contact with the OEM of tattoo pigments. I want to OEM a batch of pigments, but I encounter many problems when communicating with manufacturers and choosing pmu tattoo pigment manufacturers. I am confused when choosing manufacturers, because I don't know how to compare and what elements to examine. Today, I would like to introduce to you the types of tattoo pigments, which are divided into paste pigments, milk pigments, liquid pigments, and powder pigments. These four colorants have different usages. The characteristics of the paste colorant are that the color block particles are relatively larger, insoluble in water, relatively stable, and have a long color retention time; due to the characteristics of very viscous and larger particles , Usually the color paste is operated with a manual pen for coloring. The characteristics of the liquid colorant are that the pigment block particles are relatively small and delicate, the coloring is more uniform, and it looks more natural. It can be dissolved in water and is stable compared to the paste. The property is not so great, and the color retention time is shorter than that of the paste; due to the delicate molecules and low viscosity, it is usually used for coloring by tattoo instruments, and more liquid pigments are used for the operation of the lips. The characteristics of milky pigments are a combination between paste and liquid pigments, combining the advantages of paste and liquid pigments, with strong coloring ability, stability, long color retention time, and color after removal of scabs after operation. It is more uniform and is more popular with the majority of tattoo artists. Powder pigments are used for color matching, and can also adjust the viscosity of color materials. It is also a must-have product for senior pmu tattoo artists.
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