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Introduction to commonly used tattoo techniques

by:Qinmei     2022-05-04

Tattoo embroidery is actually a kind of traumatic skin coloring. The pigment is implanted in the skin tissue to form a stable color block. Because the epidermis is very thin, it becomes translucent, and the pigment passes through the epidermis layer, showing a luster. It can cover up flaws, enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses, and beautify and beautify. The pigments that penetrate the skin are all small particles with a diameter of less than one micrometer, which are quickly surrounded by collagen and cannot be engulfed by phagocytes, thus forming a mark. Also known as 'texture embroidery'. In ancient times, embroidery on silk was called 'pattern embroidery'. to distinguish it from Wenjin. It was not until the Han Dynasty that embroidery on cloth was known as 'embroidery'. The continuation of these mainly refers to the ancient 'Xu embroidery' and 'embroidery

There are three common tattoo beauty techniques, namely eyebrow tattooing, lip tattooing and eyeliner tattooing.

(1) eyebrow tattooing 1. Natural eyebrow tattooing (conventional eyebrow tattooing) Natural eyebrow tattooing is a technique of tattooing and embroidering through makeup skills and overall design on the basis of the original eyebrows. 2. Imitation eyebrow tattooing Imitation eyebrow tattooing is a tattooing technique based on the better shape of the original eyebrows. 3. Three-dimensional eyebrow tattooing The three-dimensional eyebrow tattooing uses the method of line interruption and line texture method to draw lines that resemble the direction of the eyebrows, which can produce a three-dimensional effect visually. 4. Color matching eyebrow tattooing. Color matching eyebrow tattooing uses two or more types of eyebrow tattooing materials. The materials are adjusted according to the eyebrow shape, skin color and makeup knowledge, and the tattooing is repeated to make it layered and realistic. 5. Eyebrow surgery is to use hand acupuncture or eyebrow tattoo machine to dye the hair follicles in the original eyebrow area, so that the roots of the eyebrows are dotted, simulating the effect of naturally growing eyebrows. 6. Eyebrow embroidery uses a needle row on the designed eyebrow shape, according to the trend direction of the eyebrow, using the needle method to leave a row of neat, dotted lines on the skin, with a realistic shape and a natural effect. 7. Floating eyebrows This is the most popular eyebrow tattooing technique in recent years. It uses needles to draw hair root-like lines on the eyebrows. The technique is similar to drawing eyebrows. Float lightly. (2) Lip tattooing There are two types of lip tattooing: lip tattooing and full lip tattooing. Simply tattooing the lip contour is called lip liner, and the entire lip is colored after the contour is tattooed is called full lip. (3) Eyeliner Eyeliner has the functions of expanding eyelid, changing eyeliner, and increasing the thickness of eyelashes. It can be divided into two types: upper eyeliner and lower eyeliner.

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